Avid Learning Partners

Avid's Learning Partner (ALP) program is designed for independent training companies, corporations, universities or other educational institutions that provide training on Avid products. By combining the industry strength and instructional excellence of our partners with Avid's curriculum development and product expertise, we can ensure our customers achieve the highest level of success in their field.

The ALP program is designed to attract the most skilled training organizations in the industry. Our goal is to add visibility to the resources and capabilities of these strategically chosen partners to assist us in training our customers worldwide.


Partner Requirements

In order to become an Avid Learning Partner (ALP), Avid requires a strong quality focus as well as a solid business plan and a state-of-the-art training environment. Specific entrance criteria and program requirements are defined below. 

  • Availability of at least one dedicated training room with at least three (3) Avid-qualified machines and adequate media storage systems. These systems must be used by a maximum of two (2) students per system. Each training room requires projection equipment.
  • Exclusive use of instructors who have successfully completed the Avid Certified Instructor process.
  • Use of Avid official courseware for all Avid courses. The ALP cannot offer its own courses, or those developed by a third party if the course directly competes with specific courses in the Avid curriculum.
  • Submission of a detailed marketing plan which describes staffing and management of the ALP. This plan should provide details on how Avid products and curriculum will be used to generate interest in video and audio production to the target audience. This plan should also document the need for a training center in the target region, typically by showcasing relevant work in video and audio production that has been done to date.
  • Adoption of Avid's authorized online course evaluation system and submission of quarterly reports summarizing training activities and participation metrics upon request.
  • Minimum requirement of the delivery of two (2) classes per year.
  • Consistent instructional delivery based upon satisfactory student evaluations.


Partner Benefits

Avid commits to the success of its customers by creating the technology people use to make the most listened to, most watched and most loved media in the world. Avid Learning Partners enjoy the closest possible relationship with Avid to ensure their students are inspired with the latest cutting-edge technology in digital audio and video editing. Partnership benefits include the following.

  • Access to Avid's official curriculum including new course releases and updates for existing courseware
  • Real-time, worldwide access to Avid's learning partner portal for professionally developed, Avid industry certification exams
  • Cooperative marketing support, including access to Avid logos and trademarks to promote Partner alliance
  • Real-time access to instructor and course evaluation data
  • Detailed partner profile and contact information posted on Avid.com
  • Publicly available classes displayed through a listing on the Avid.com website class finder
  • Avid Certified Instructor access to a community of other instructors
  • Quarterly Learning Partner newsletter

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Become a Partner

The Avid Learning Partner Program offers a unique level of technical and marketing support. As a Partner, you will have access to Avid's offical curriculum and a dedicated program staff and co-marketing resources to support your implementation of Avid training products.

Partner applications are submitted online and are reviewed upon receipt.  Approval for primary and secondary training locations is made upon the following criteria. 

  • Demand for training in the region
  • Candidate's existing product expertise
  • Quality and comprehensiveness of the candidate's sales and marketing plan to promote Avid training
  • Candidate's experience running a training business and/or delivering quality training 

If you feel your organization has the expertise and commitment to support current and future generations of Avid product users and enthusiasts, then we want to hear from you.  

Thanks for your interest. We look forward to working together.

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