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Avid Software License Transfer Policy Overview

This document describes the procedures that must be followed to validly transfer or assign an existing Avid software license.  This policy pertains to Avid software transferred on a standalone basis or in connection with the transfer or sale of computer hardware or other physical equipment.

This policy only applies to transfers within the United States, Canada, Latin America and Asia/Pacific Rim.  For transfers in any other country or region, please find your local Avid office here .

This policy only applies to transfers of Avid-branded software.  For transfers of software branded by Digidesign, M-Audio, Medea, Pinnacle Systems, Sundance or any other Avid-affiliated entity, please refer to the branding entity's website (accessible from for information with respect to applicable transfer policies and procedures.

No Avid software license may be transferred unless transfer is permitted pursuant to the terms of the license, and any transfer must comply with any restrictions included in the license relating thereto.  Avid software designated as "educational," "Not for Resale" or "NFR" is not transferable.
The valid transfer of an Avid software license requires:

  1. Completion of the License Transfer Form by both the party relinquishing the license (the transferor) and the party receiving the license (the transferee) AND
  2. Payment by the transferee of all applicable transfer administration fees (see below).

The completed License Transfer Form (see Transfer checklist for further details) must be submitted to Avid.  Please see the License Transfer Form for the applicable mailing address or facsimile number.

A current Avid support contract may be transferred with the software to which it pertains.  No transferee is eligible to purchase or receive Avid support unless and until the transfer process is completed.

Avid reserves the right to reject any transfer that fails to conform with Avid's license transfer policy or Avid's standard business practices or that involves a license that Avid is unable to validate.
If you have any questions about this policy or the procedures described herein, please contact Avid by email at  Please be prepared to provide the relevant software title(s) and system ID(s) and name and contact information for both the transferor and transferee so that Avid may better assist you.