How It Works

Avid Cloud Collaboration is a platform that connects you to a premier network of artists, musicians, producers, engineers, and mixers, enabling powerful yet easy collaboration.

What is Avid Cloud Collaboration

Wish you had an awesome singer, drummer, or mixer to help you with a song? Or maybe you want to share ideas with friends across town or across the world. With Avid Cloud Collaboration, you can work with anyone, anywhere—as if you’re all in the same studio. All you need is the latest Pro Tools | First*, Pro Tools, or Pro Tools | Ultimate software and you can...

  • Connect with friends, colleagues, and amazing talent anywhere in the world
  • Work remotely together without the file swapping, import, and media headaches
  • Share audio and MIDI tracks, edits, and mix changes right within Pro Tools
  • Communicate ideas and creative direction in real time using the built-in text chat
  • Access projects from anywhere and collaborate with the utmost security

Get the latest version of Pro Tools | First (it's free), Pro Tools, or Pro Tools | Ultimate now.

Your own private cloud

Avid Cloud Collaboration for Pro Tools is powered by high-performance, highly protected cloud server technology, so you can rest assured knowing that all of your projects, associated audio files, and data are stored safely and securely in your own private space. Only you and up to 10* designated collaborators at a time can access your projects—and you can do so from anywhere.

Your Pro Tools private cloud isn’t just any old cloud space. It offers custom acceleration and bit-for-bit lossless compression, enabling faster upload/download speeds and up to 70% file size reduction. That means you can work on a large project that takes up just a fraction of its real size.

We provide you with 1 GB of free cloud space to get you started. Once you’re ready for some serious tracking, simply expand your cloud* as needed to house more projects—see your options.

* Please note that with Pro Tools | First, you can collaborate freely with anyone who invites you to work on a project, but you will need to purchase a cloud plan to initiate an invitation for others to collaborate with you. These plans also complement the 1 GB of free cloud storage that comes with Pro Tools | First, as they increase your storage space to house more projects.

Learn the Basics

Get an in-depth walkthrough of Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration in this series of videos.

Video 1
1. Create your profile

Video 2
2. Create a new project (what is a project?)

Video 3
3. Or convert a session

Video 4
4. Get familiar with the tools

Video 5
5. Find and invite collaborators

Video 6
6. Share tracks and collaborate

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