Avid Resolution Independence

Work in any resolution—without limits

A core part of our Avid Everywhere vision is to give you the freedom to work the way you want, with what you want. This includes working with high-res media. We want to provide you with a more holistic, platform-centric approach to your workflow that puts no limits to the resolutions you can capture, edit, and output. Something that goes beyond point solutions that only address a small piece of the high-res challenge. And works with the systems you already have. We call this approach Avid Resolution Independence. And it’s available on the Avid MediaCentral Platform now.

The goal

Our goal for Avid Resolution Independence is to provide you with a complete end-to-end high-res media workflow across the entire Avid MediaCentral Platform. A workflow that enables you to acquire, edit, and deliver content in whatever format and resolution you need. Not just the 2K, 4K, and Ultra HD resolutions that exist today, but also the 8K and higher resolutions that will come tomorrow. Or even five years from now. Whether you ingest, store, edit, secure, analyze, distribute, or archive media.

Our integration will be both broad and deep, with automated workflows that accelerate time-consuming media tasks. The result? You gain more time to do what you do best—telling and delivering a great story.

We’ve already introduced Avid Resolution Independence and the new Avid DNxHR codec to Media Composer and Avid Artist | DNxIO users. And we’ll be integrating support into other products and solutions across the MediaCentral Platform soon—stay tuned...

Key benefits

Here are some of the things you can do now and what you will be able to do in the future with Avid Resolution Independence.

Acquire high-res media in the formats you need
  • Automate the process of duplicating and parking high-res media into nearline storage, then transcoding to a proxy format or new codec suitable for creative editorial, using Dynamic Media Folders in Media Composer
  • Capture and play back stunning high-resolution media using Avid Artist | DNxIO, which offers onboard hardware DNxHR encoding
  • Coming soon, you’ll be able to orchestrate high-res file ingest using Media | Director
Edit with speed and ease in any resolution
  • Work with 4K media and other high-res formats with your existing systems and infrastructure
  • Edit and master high-res media with great efficiency and flexibility using the highly scalable Avid DNxHR codec, which enables you to choose the ideal format for your task at hand—from lightweight proxies for remote collaboration and bandwidth/storage constraints, to mastering-quality HD or 4K for editing and finishing
  • Edit 2K, 4K, and other high-res material natively in Media Composer
  • Monitor high-res media ingest and output using Avid Artist | DNxIO
  • Coming soon, you’ll be able to edit high-res content remotely though Media Composer | Cloud and manage high-res media assets and workflows through Interplay | Production
Deliver content in stunning quality to multiple platforms
  • Master directly from Media Composer using a variety of high-res formats your client demands (such as AS-11, AS-02, or H.264), the original source format, or a mastering-quality DNxHR format, eliminating the need to finish projects in a third-party application
  • Coming soon, you’ll be able to deliver multiplatform versions of finished high-res content with Media | Distribute, delivering a truly end-to-end high-res workflow solution