Media Composer Editing Essentials 8


A comprehensive approach to learning the fundamentals of Media Composer | Software

Now includes online addendum covering features up to version 8.4

Whether you are headed into journalism and news production, online media, or post-production for TV and film, this book is for you!

Media Composer Editing Essentials will get you editing today with a built-in Quick Start guide covering the essential tools you need to start a basic project, assemble the story, and output to web—perfect for producers, journalists and corporate videographers. For those headed toward a career in post-production, the second half of the book builds on the Quick Start to offer complete, foundational training in the craft of professional editing for news and documentary, commercial spots, and scripted narrative films.

Learn by doing with real-world projects. Start with the basics of 3-point editing and how to construct a scene, then move on to reworking a scene and trimming dialogue for maximum emotional impact. Add to that the tools and techniques to mix music and sound effects, create titles and transitions, and deliver the program to specification. You will also learn critical skills needed to work as an assistant editor, including how to sync picture and sound from different sources, organize a project, manage media and metadata, and more.

Media Composer Editing Essentials is part of the Avid Learning Series and the official course book for MC101. When taken with the MC110 course, Media Composer Effects Essentials, this course is the first step to achieving the Avid Certified User designation. Find an Avid Learning Partner.


  • Lessons follow real-world editing workflow with supporting information and source files on accompanying DVD
  • Lessons build on one another, for a fully rounded curriculum for teaching/learning Media Composer | Software
  • Media and projects are included with the book, making it easy to step right into lessons and follow along—either self-paced, or at the instructor's pace
  • Lessons include shortcuts and review questions at the end of each chapter that can be used in the classroom and to prepare for certification exam
  • The Intro section of the book now includes an online lesson-by-lesson addendum detailing new features up to and including Media Composer version 8.4

System requirements

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Table of contents

Section I: The QuickStart Guide
Lesson 1: Starting a Project
Lesson 2: Assemble the Picture and Sound
Lesson 3: Refining the Edit
Lesson 4: Packaging and Output

Section II: Fundamentals of Professional Editing

Lesson 5: Project Organization
Lesson 6: Building the Scene
Lesson 7: Cutting Dialogue
Lesson 8: Reworking a Scene
Lesson 9: Mixing Sequence Audio
Lesson 10: Output and Delivery
Lesson 11: Media Management
Appendix A: Customizing Media Composer
Appendix B: Working with Video Tape

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Book and DVD

Author bio

Bryan Castle serves as the principal subject matter expert in Media Composer for Avid Worldwide Training. As a seasoned instructor, he has worked closely with a broad range of media entities to provide workflow integration and certification training, including notable companies such as ABC News, Univision Entertainment, MTV, Televisa, The White House Communications, as well as numerous Tier 1 and Tier 2 colleges and universities throughout the U.S., Latin America and Spain. As an editor, author and presenter, Bryan brings a unique blend of business, technological and creative expertise to the classroom and to any type of media project.

ISBN 13: 9781936121793

Pages: 438