MAM470 ACSR Interplay | MAM System Support


3 days training plus a 1-day practical Certification exam


The ACSR Interplay | MAM System Support (MAM470) course is a practical hands-on course to teach students how to install an Interplay | MAM 5.x system, as well as the installation of selected additional kits, the configuration of the core system and the kits.  In addition to the basic installation of a core system on a virtual server, the course will include the installation of the required MS SQL database, as well as the building of the connection to a transcoding system, an Interplay | Production system and a HSM system. Integrating with a pre-installed MediaCentral system and using MediaCentral | UX as GUI for the Interplay | MAM system (incl. Media | Index) is also covered.

Students will learn which tools exist and how to use them to perform the steps needed for installing a system, connecting it with the other systems and testing that it works.  Also basic maintenance and troubleshooting of a new installed Interplay | MAM system is addressed.

The course concludes with a full day practical certification exam on the final day requiring attendees to demonstrate their capability to install and configure an Interplay | MAM system. Successful completion of the certification exam will earn students Avid Certified Support Representative for Interplay | MAM certification status. 


This course is designed for Project Engineers of Avid partners and customers who will be involved in installing, configuring and deploying Interplay | MAM systems.


The following is highly recommended:

Note: Attendees are required to bring their own notebook to the course and have administrative privileges on the notebooks, allowing them to change network adapter settings, host files and install additional software components.


After this course attendees will be able to:

  • Install the core Interplay | MAM 5 product 2 Windows servers using the MAM Installer
  • Configure the MAM system so that it connects to a pre-installed Vantage transcoding system and upload the Vantage workflows needed by the MAM system to the right place
  • Check error messages in a HSM system and raise an according question to the customer
  • Install defined Interplay | MAM modules additionally to the core parts
  • Configure these add on modules so that they work with the MAM system
    • Avid Interplay | MAM Production Integration Module
    • Digital Tape Archive Integration
    • Configure Interplay | MAM so it can be operated in MediaCentral | UX incl. the usage of Media | Index
    • Move MAM service pools between different servers
    • Perform tests to verify your installation is functional
    • Fill in the installation documentation sheet with all the necessary information so that the installation can be handed over to Avid Customer Care
    • Participate in the practical certification assessment with then objective to be accredited as an Avid Certified Support Representative for Interplay | MAM


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