SB101 Introduction to Sibelius


Suggested length: 8 hours


The Introduction to Sibelius (SB101) course provides a comprehensive approach to learning the fundamentals of the Sibelius application. Along with its counterpart, Essentials of Sibelius (SB110), this course provides the foundation for Avid Certified User for Sibelius certification exam.

In this course you will discover and develop foundation-building themes and new ways of working in the software as well as a clear understanding of the Sibelius interface, from navigating the ribbon to inputting notes in a variety of ways. Become comfortable with using shortcuts while learning how to create, edit, and print your score quickly and efficiently. Essentials of Sibelius (SB110) is the first crucial step in mastering Sibelius, the most popular music notation software in use today.


This course is designed for Composers, Arrangers and Publishers.


No familiarity with the system is necessary. A basic ability to read music and a clear understanding of musical concepts, such as rhythms, time signatures, key signatures, and tempo is highly recommended.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course you will understand:

  • Navigating and Understanding the Sibelius Interface
  • Making Selections
  • Creating a New Score and Inputting Score Objects
  • Introduction to Note Input
  • Editing Pitches and Rhythms
  • Step-Time Note Input and Adding Score Objects
  • Working with Text Styles
  • Finishing and Printing Your Score

Table of contents


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