SB110 Essentials of Sibelius


Suggested length: 16 hours


SB110 Essentials of Sibelius reviews builds on the skills learned in the SB101 Introduction to Sibelius course. Introducing many new Sibelius features, the course covers how to create a simple lead sheet, complete with chord symbols, lyrics, repeat barlines, repeat endings, repeat text, and rhythmic slash notation. Additionally, the course introduces more advanced notations and some of Sibelius’ most creative features, which can help you quickly compose, arrange, or rearrange a piece of music.

The SB101 Introduction to Sibelius and SB110 Essentials of Sibelius courses will prepare candidates for the Avid Certified User for Sibelius certification exam.


This course is designed for Composers, Arrangers and Publishers.


An understanding of the fundamental concepts of Sibelius as covered within the SB101 Introduction to Sibelius course. A basic ability to read music and a clear understanding of musical concepts such as rhythms, time signatures, key signatures, and tempo is highly recommended.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course you will understand:

  • New Methods of Note Input
  • Introduction to Multiple Voices
  • Using the Transpose Feature
  • Working with Repeats
  • Creating Chord Symbols
  • Inputting Lyrics
  • Changing Notehead Types
  • Creating a Lead Sheet
  • Using Multiple Voices and Hide/Show
  • Using the Reduce, Explode, and Arrange features
  • Editing and Creating Instrument Changes
  • Working with Drum Mapping and Notation
  • Importing MIDI Files
  • Using Advanced Filtering, Finding, and Editing
  • Using the Worksheet Creator and Transformation Options
  • Working with the Ideas Panel
  • Introduction to Layout and Formatting
  • Exporting and Sharing Options

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