Avid VENUE | Ethernet Snake Card

Add remote I/O to your existing Avid VENUE setup. With the Ethernet Snake Card, you can connect a Stage 48 remote I/O box to SC48 or a Mix Rack System. You get reliable Ethernet AVB connectivity, with redundant connectors for total peace of mind.


  • Ethernet AVB

    Connect up to two Stage 48 boxes and get highly reliable connectivity through fully redundant, auto-switching Ethernet AVB

  • Higher quality sound

    Move your inputs closer to sources for maximum fidelity—even up to 328 feet away from your console

  • Signal verification

    Easily verify Ethernet activity and system communication through Activity and Signal LEDs for all primary and redundant connections

  • Status indicator

    Check the status of the Ethernet Snake Card through the multi-color Status LED indicator

System requirements

One of the following systems:
Avid VENUE | SC48
Avid VENUE | Mix Rack System


Hardware specifications
Primary and redundant snake connectors
 RJ45 Neutrik etherCON (4)
Snake cable type
Shielded 350 MHz Cat5e or better (Neutrik etherCON connectors required)
Maximum snake cable length (to Stage 48)
 328 feet (100 meters)