Avid VENUE | Snake Card


Accommodate larger productions and ensembles by doubling your Profile or D-Show System's stage input and output capacity. With the Snake Card, an option for the FOH Rack, you can connect a second Stage Rack to expand your remote I/O capacity to a maximum 96 inputs and outputs. Each Snake Card transmits up to 48 inputs and outputs between your Avid VENUE system’s remote Stage Rack and console.


  • Signal indicators

    Quickly troubleshoot issues by verifying signals using the active and signal presence LEDs for both I/O sets

  • Get peace of mind

    With two sets of BNC snake inputs and outputs, you can make both primary and optional redundant Stage Rack connections

  • Keep in sync

    Ensure that all external digital devices stay in sync with Word Clock in and out connectors

System requirements

One of the following Stage Rack-based systems:
Avid VENUE | Profile System
Avid VENUE | D-Show System


Connector (x4)
BNC male, 75 Ohm 
Snake Cable Type  Coaxial, 75 Ohm
Maximum Cable Length

Max Length 250 ft (76 m)

  • Belden 1855A — single conductor
  • Belden 7787A — three conductor
  • Belden 7788A — four conductor
  • Clark Wire & Cable CD7523 — single conductor
  • Clark Wire & Cable DSM3 — three conductor
  • Clark Wire & Cable DSM5 — five conductor

Max Length 500 ft (152 m)

  • Belden 1694A — single conductor
  • Belden 7710A — three conductor
  • Belden 7711A — four conductor
  • Clark Wire & Cable CD7506 — single conductor
  • Clark Wire & Cable CD7506D — two conductor
  • Clark Wire & Cable RG6HD5 — five conductor
  • Evolution XPC 301-330 — single conductor
  • Evolution XPC 301-361 — six conductor
  • Gepco VSD2001 — single conductor
  • Gepco VS32001 — three conductor
  • Gepco VS42001 — four conductor
  • Gepco VS52001 — five conductor
  • Van Damme Cable (VDC) 278-175-00 — single conductor