Amp Farm 3.0


Guitar amp modeling and effects from line 6

Line 6’s Amp Farm plug-in brings you realistic simulations of recording with a miked guitar amplifier and cabinet. A trusted favorite of professional producers in nearly every area of audio production, Amp Farm has been used on literally hundreds of Pro Tools | HD projects of all shapes and sizes, including platinum albums, mega-budget film soundtracks, and television productions. Thanks to Line 6’s exclusive microphone modeling and cabinet models, Amp Farm 3.0 provides a new level of guitar amplifier and cabinet modeling realism.


  • World-class collection

    Over a dozen faithful re-creations of guitar combos and heads.

  • Easy to use

    Simple amp-style control and automation of all parameters.

  • Mix and match

    Mix and match amplifier and cabinet models.

  • Selectable microphone models

    Choose from multiple classic cabinet miking techniques.

  • Not just for guitars

    Punch up your drums, keyboards, vocals, and more.


 OS Windows 8, Windows 7
 OS  Mac OS 10.8.x, Mac OS 10.7.x
 Copy Protection Requires iLok 2





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