Artist Control


Accelerate editing and mixing

Turn around projects faster with a portable and affordable control surface. With Artist Control, you gain hands-on command over and unmatched integration with your favorite EUCON-enabled audio and video applications. Access functions and settings using the built-in touchscreen. Program soft keys to perform time-consuming tasks at the press of a button. Plus, its functionality goes far beyond what you can do with just a mouse and keyboard alone, so you can work faster—without losing your creative focus.

Product highlights

  • Take tactile control
  • Edit and mix with ease
  • Navigate projects quickly
  • Gain better control over your audio whether you’re making music, sweetening soundtracks, or editing video. Record-enable tracks right from the surface. Solo, select, and mute tracks. Change automation modes. And ride the four touch-sensitive, motorized faders to bring more life to your mix.

  • View, access, and adjust multiple facets of your audio or video project using the full-color touchscreen. See and gain instant access to 32 tracks at a time. Perform a variety of complex functions quickly using the touchscreen or surface Soft Keys. And adjust EQ, panning, dynamics, plug-ins, and more using the eight touch-sensitive knobs.

  • With full transport controls at your fingertips, you can navigate through the largest projects with ease. Not only can you jog and shuttle through footage with the Jog Wheel, you can use it to zoom in on a project, trim a clip’s head and tail, make crossfades, and more. And get dedicated buttons to play, record, stop, rewind, and fast-forward through projects.