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Get beauty without the bandwidth

As the demand for visually stunning, higher quality content continues to surge, today's film, television, and broadcast professionals are being challenged with managing and editing much larger files. This is due to the rising popularity of 4K and other high-res media being introduced alongside industry-standard HD. But these files also ruthlessly bog down workflows and monopolize storage space due to their sheer size.

When HD first began its ascent as a media standard a few years ago, we created the Avid DNxHD codec, enabling media professionals to work with mastering-quality HD media at significantly reduced file sizes. Now we've done the same for high-res with our Avid DNxHR codec. Here's how DNxHR and DNxHD can help you take command of your media workflows.

Avid DNxHR for editors

With DNxHR, you can work with a greater range of media resolutions. Go from lightweight yet beautifully detailed proxies to mastering-quality HD or 4K. Plus, DNxHR is completely backwards compatible with DNxHD. And you can mix both types of media on the same timeline. If you’re working in an HD-capable facility, DNxHR—part of the full Avid Resolution Independence workflow—will help bridge the gap between your current infrastructure and working with high-res media.

Key benefits
  • Scale high-res media to the ideal format to fit your workflow, with full Avid Resolution Independence:
    • Choose a lightweight proxy for remote collaboration and bandwidth/storage-constrained workflows
    • Choose mastering-quality HD to edit HD projects, with beautiful imagery that's a fraction of the size of the camera originals
    • Choose mastering-quality 4K to edit high-res projects, with gorgeous imagery that's a fraction of the size of the camera originals
  • Experience highly responsive, real-time multi stream performance
  • Work faster and more efficiently with high-res material
  • Get minimal degradation over multiple generations
  • Greatly reduce high-res media storage requirements
  • Enable real-time high-res sharing and collaboration—even when working remotely
  • Integrate your high-res, HD, and SD workflows, as DNxHR is backwards-compatible with DNxHD
  • Ingest, manage, edit, and deliver high-res content using your current systems and infrastructure
Compatibility details
  • Works with Media Composer | First, Media Composer, Media Composer | Ultimate, Media Composer | Symphony Option, Media Composer | NewsCutter Option, and Avid Artist | DNxIO—support for more products across the Avid MediaCentral Platform coming soon
  • Choose from a variety of DNxHR formats to fit your given workflow and overcome challenges:
    • DNxHR 444—4:4:4 color space; super gorgeous imagery, ideal for high-quality color correction and finishing
    • DNxHR HQX—High quality extended; beautiful imagery for color correction and mastering
    • DNxHR HQ—High quality; offers a great balance of beauty at a smaller bandwidth for editorial
    • DNxHR SQ—Standard quality; ideal for editorial
    • DNxHR LB—Low bandwidth; ideal for remote workflows and saving storage; LB 1/4 resolution and LB 1/16 resolution also available for the most bandwidth/space-constrained workflows

Avid DNxHD for editors

With Avid DNxHD, you can create mastering-quality HD media at dramatically reduced file sizes, shattering the barriers to real-time HD productivity. And you’ll get its speed benefits whether using local storage or engaged in real-time collaborative workflows. That’s because it delivers both the efficiency of compressed media and the quality of uncompressed HD—without compromises.

Key benefits
  • Work with optimal mastering picture quality
  • Get minimal degradation over multiple generations
  • Reduce your media storage requirements
  • Enable real-time HD media sharing and collaboration—even when working remotely
  • Experience improved multi-stream performance
  • Enjoy full-frame raster sampling and real-time HD multi-camera performance

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Compatibility details

DNxHR and DNxHD for developers

Avid DNxHD is one of the most widely recognized and adopted codecs in the media and entertainment industry. In fact, a variety of companies support it across a vast spectrum of products, including digital cameras, transcoders, archive middleware, and more (see our Avid DNxHD licensees). And with our newer Avid DNxHR codec, which accelerates high-res workflows, we expect to see the same rapid adoption as the demand for 4K continues to surge.

Join us and get on the platform

If you’re inspired by our Avid Everywhere vision and are looking to get your products and solutions into the hands of creative media professionals worldwide, join us and become an Avid DNxHR and/or DNxHD licensee.

Developers—If you’re interested in integrating DNxHR and/or DNxHD encoding into your products or workflow, contact partners@avid.com for licensing info. We look forward to collaborating with you.

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