Interplay | Transcode

Important: Please note that while Interplay | Transcode will continue to be marketed for the time being, it will be replaced in the coming months by MediaCentral | Transcode—a new integrated MediaCentral service that automatically encodes stored material into the resolutions you need for high-res editing, portable use, proxy editing, project finishing, and/or archiving. Please check out the link to learn more or contact your account manager or reseller.


The Interplay | Transcode option automatically encodes stored material into the resolutions needed for high-res editing, portable use, proxy editing, project finishing, or archiving. To take advantage of Interplay’s distributed workflows, low-bandwidth H-264 proxies including compressed audio can be generated so more users can access the media without slowing down the network.


  • Speed up time to delivery
  • Accelerate and synchronize your throughput
  • Get the right editing resolution, right away
  • Eliminate duplication confusion
  • Interplay | Transcode includes a mixdown service to “flatten” entire audio/video sequences to create a new master clip, while transcoding to a specified output format for distribution. With dual mixdown capability, Interplay | Transcode triggers a high-res mixdown and proxy at the same time—from editing clients and from Interplay | Access—and tracks them together for multi-res workflows.

  • Interplay | Transcode generates multiple-resolution versions of a single media asset. Users work with whichever resolution is appropriate for the task, and edits are automatically reflected across all versions. The original media stays untouched and protected.

  • Media Composer | UltimateAvid MediaCentral | UX, and Interplay | Assist systems can all work with high- and low-resolution formats. To keep bandwidth running smoothly, an administrator can establish resolution settings for users and applications, ensuring that only the allowed resolutions are available to each.

  • Interplay | Production tracks all the available resolutions simply, easily, and transparently and ensures that Interplay | Transcode doesn’t duplicate any media already available—eliminating format and resolution confusion for all connected systems.


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