Web-based news production

Access real-time content anywhere

Create, view, edit, review and approve stories and rundowns from anywhere using your mobile device or laptop. Simply connect via the included MediaCentral | UX web-based interface or iOS and Android apps. You can also review Interplay video related to iNEWS stories.

Easily scale your system to your needs

Easily add users without reconfiguring the system every time the station or broadcast enterprise expands. Plus, you can retain scripts and rundowns in the online iNEWS system longer with the newly expanded database size.

Automatically transcode and publish assets

Interplay | Production video assets are automatically transcoded and published to the online video platform with video links embedded in the social message.

Quickly publish to social media platforms

Leverage story text, video, and still images to develop compelling social media messages as part of the core creation process with the Media | Distribute option. News stories can be auto-populated directly from iNEWS or entered manually.

Work with maximum availability

Continue uninterrupted operations if a server becomes unavailable—all system data is mirrored between multiple servers for highest confidence news operations. iNEWS also simplifies system administration at server level with thin-client architecture.

Open, integrated news workflows

Work with integrated tools

Control every aspect of story creation and distribution through integrated tools for mobile reporting and editing, news graphics, rundown management, playout control, and multiplatform distribution.

Consolidate ingest

Consolidate ingest of wires and other sources via serial feed, telnet, email, or by monitoring directories. You can also perform forward searches across multiple iNEWS systems. iNEWS supports all standard wire formats, such as ANPA, IPTC, and News ML.

Customizable interface

Access your specific preferences, including customized toolbars, templates, workspaces, and macros, every time you log in to browser-based or desktop clients.

Experience unmatched openness

Extend workflows with a rich set of functions to interface and exchange data between third parties and the iNEWS newsroom system via iNEWS Web Services or MOS protocol, offering greater interoperability and choice.

Story-centric organization

Consolidate and manage iNEWS stories and related content through projects. Keep your rundown organized by easily moving and floating linked stories with story grouping.

Unbeatable collaboration

Collaborate anywhere

Share content and collaborate on stories from anywhere by searching for, viewing, and editing content on up to 50 iNEWS systems within a station group or network. You can also facilitate news team communication with intra-system instant messaging with hyperlinks.

Share and repurpose assets

Journalists can easily share and repurpose assets and stories for delivery to social and web sites, and mobile devices using the Media | Distribute option to make the most of their assets and minimize redundant content acquisition.

Add global search capabilities

Add global search capabilities to iNEWS with Media | Index, enabling you to search for and access media assets across local and remote iNEWS, Interplay | Production, and Interplay | MAM databases.

Flexible and extensible workflows

Integration partners

iNEWS integrates seamlessly with an array of broadcast devices, interfacing through advanced iNEWS Web Services or by communicating through the MOS (Media Object Server) protocol. Any system or device linked to the news production workflowfrom video servers and editors to on-air graphics systems, teleprompters, and archive serverscan work with iNEWS.

Become a developer

iNEWS Web Services integration partners

Greater interoperability and choice

iNEWS Web Services provides a rich and intelligent interface for text, media, metadata, and control information exchange between integration partners and the iNEWS newsroom management system, offering greater interoperability and choice.

Key functions include folder navigation and listing, queue navigation and listing, story creation, editing, and deletion, messaging, searching, and monitoring queues for changes.

Integration via MOS protocol

MOS Protocol is widely used to enable communication between newsroom systems and controlled broadcast devices such as media servers. Typically, this is a two-way communication. The newsroom system maintains a current running order on controlled devices, while the devices return media item status. iNEWS supports MOS through a dedicated Gateway and also supports the use of ActiveX controls, which are typically used to provide close integration with controlled devices.

Qualified MOS partners

Note: Partner integrations are subject to change without notice.

Interested in developing with our iNEWS API? Visit the Avid Connectivity Partners page to learn more about becoming a certified developer.