Avid VENUE | SC48 Remote System


Studio-quality sound goes the distance

Get the same amazing sound quality, reliability, and portability of SC48 in a more versatile solution. As an alternative to the all-in-one SC48, the Avid VENUE | SC48 Remote System features the award-winning SC48 digital console paired with the Stage 48 remote box, enabling you to place your I/O away from the console and closer to your sources, eliminating bulky cable clutter. And with fully integrated Pro Tools recording/playback and plug-in support, you can bring the sound of the studio to any live performance.

Product highlights

  • Gain great mixing power with "reach"
  • Get the renowned sound of VENUE
  • Integrate Pro Tools seamlessly
  • Scale the system with ease
  • With SC48 Remote, you have a powerful two-component system that's easy to fit into smaller spaces. And because the I/O can be split between the console and the remote stage box, you have the flexibility to move the I/O where it's needed most.

  • Artists and engineers alike use VENUE because of its amazing sound quality and clarity. With high-quality mic preamps and advanced circuitry, you can present the best sound mixes possible, with incredible warmth and presence.

  • Whether you're looking to record a show, play back tracks during a performance, or save hours of prep time with Virtual Soundcheck, SC48 Remote makes it all easy with the built-in Pro Tools interface and included software.

  • Need more I/O? Mix and match up to 48 analog and digital inputs and 32 outputs across your system. You can even add a second Stage 48 box for greater I/O distribution.