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Getting started?

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Compose, share, and print music using many of the same tools used by top composers and songwriters—at an affordable price.

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Compose, arrange, share, print, and publish music with the world’s best selling music notation software—available to subscribe or own.

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The latest version of Sibelius makes your entire music writing experience faster and even easier than ever before.

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Compose, arrange, and deliver with ease

Sibelius offers many unique features that help drive your creativity while tidying things up, so you can deliver beautifully rendered scores. From the task-oriented interface, 36 GB sound library, and music transcription and scanning tools, to timesaving Magnetic Layout, Dynamic Parts, and Sibelius | Cloud Sharing, Sibelius empowers effortless music composition.

Streamline your workflow

From composition to delivery, Sibelius simplifies the creative workflow. Compose in Sibelius, then move music to Pro Tools to build cues to picture. Share scores in the cloud, through printed sheet music, or on an iPad running Avid Scorch. And quickly distribute scores to music publishers for worldwide sale.

Increase your music sales

For music publishers, Sibelius | Cloud Publishing greatly enhances the online sheet music shopping experience, leading to higher customer sales and satisfaction. Enable visitors to preview, play, and transpose scores, and more before buying—on any computer or mobile device.

Own or subscribe to Sibelius

You now have more choice in how you acquire Sibelius. Subscribe on a low-cost monthly or annual basis. Purchase and own the software outright. Or if you're just starting out, check out Sibelius | First—a more streamlined version of Sibelius.

Chick Corea_CS_1862

Jazz Legend Chick Corea Scores with Sibelius

Sibelius is so intuitive at laying out the score in a very legible and clear way. This, plus the variety of different fonts and layouts, make it easy to have the score look really good.


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Legendary Composer Steve Reich on Making Music with Sibelius

Sometimes I want to actually combine the pencil with the computer notation, and that’s just so easy with Sibelius. It’s inviting and a pleasure to work with.


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Grammy-Winner Goldstein Touts Sibelius

Sibelius is an instrument that is organic and brilliantly organized so a musician can think quickly and rely on it for ease of movement. Its design makes creativity a distinct possibility and always just a keystroke away.


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