Audio Post Production

With incredibly complex surround soundscapes on the rise for film and television, mixers need to manage sky high track counts and frequent picture changes, while producing high-quality mixes. In less time. We offer a variety of DSP-powered and DAW-control surfaces that tightly integrate into modern, collaborative post workflows. From portable and wireless controllers, to modular surfaces that offer extensive options for surround mixing and dubbing, you get the award-winning sound quality and workflows you need to deliver great sounding mixes on time.

For film, TV, and other sound for picture mixing, our solutions enable you to...

  • Mix faster, with much deeper integration and precision than working with a mouse and keyboard alone
  • Quickly navigate through the largest mixes and access volume, pans, sends, plug-ins, and more with ease
  • See into your mix at every stage through unprecedented and extensive visual feedback
  • Instantly switch to a previous mix state with undo and ultimate recall, enabling you to try different options
  • Trigger shortcuts, macros, and perform custom tasks with the press of a button
  • Mix in stereo, surround, and even integrate with immersive mixing formats like Dolby Atmos and Auro 3D
  • Take control of audio and video applications, including Pro Tools and Media Composer
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