Conformité avec la directive RoHS du Ministère de l’Industrie de l’Information chinois

In response to the China Ministry of Information Industry’s (“MII”), “Management Methods for Controlling Pollution Caused by Electronic Information Products Regulation,” better known as “China RoHS,” Avid Technology, Inc. (“Avid”) has adopted the following compliance protocols:

China RoHS Phase One

  • Avid products that contain one or more of the six restricted materials above the Maximum Concentration Values (“MCV”) as per SJ/T 11363-2006 Requirements for Concentration Limits for Certain Hazardous Substances in Electronic Information Products,” which are (a) manufactured by or exclusively for Avid or its divisions and subsidiaries after March 1, 2007; (b) sold by Avid; and (c) shipped to Mainland China, will be labeled with an Environmentally Friendly Use Period (“EFUP”) label using EFUP 10 (see fig 1 below).  Avid products that are within the MCV limits for the six restricted substances will be labeled with the “E” Environmentally Friendly label (see fig 2 below).
  • As per the China RoHS Phase One requirements, products labeled with an EFUP label will include a Materials Disclosure Table (“MDT”) in the product documentation. The MDT indicates where a restricted substance above the MCV may be found. For additional copies of MDT please contact your authorized Avid sales representative.
Figure 1
Figure 2

China RoHS Phase Two

Final details of compliance standards have not been published by the Chinese authorities. This site will be updated regarding China RoHS Phase Two, once the MII has published the compliance standards and Avid and its subsidiaries and divisions have finalized their compliance protocols.

More information on our compliance in Europe can be found on our here.