Reverb One


World-class reverb processing

If you're looking for a reverb of uncompromising sonic quality that's also easy to use, look no further. Reverb One is a powerful AAX reverb processor that gives you complete control of the reverberant characteristics of your mix.

Reverb One is equally at home in music, post production, and sound design applications that require the utmost in clarity and precision. Built from the ground up to satisfy demanding audio professionals, we subjected Reverb One to critical listening tests at every step in its development. The result? A powerful and versatile reverb that can compete with any software or hardware reverb processor on the market today. Reverb One is compatible with Pro Tools | HD, Pro Tools, and VENUE family systems, and is available in AAX DSP/Native and TDM plug-in formats.

Reverb One is included with the Pro Tools | HD All Access Bundle and requires an Annual Upgrade and Support Plan for Pro Tools | HD to access and use.


  • Independent reverb controls

    Fine-tune the effect to your liking with independent controls for level, decay time, attack, spread, room size, diffusion, and pre-delay.

  • Extensive presets

    Add effects quickly and easily through the extensive library of reverb presets.

  • Early reflection controls

    Add authenticity to a “room” using early reflection controls, including level, delay, and spread, plus early reflection room presets.

  • Optimize your effect

    Shape the reverb decay and optimize reverb effects with dynamics and chorus sections.


 OS  Windows 8, Windows 7
 OS Mac OS 10.11.x, Mac OS 10.10.x, Mac OS 10.9.x,
Mac OS 10.8.x, Mac OS 10.7.x
 Pro Tools  Pro Tools 12.x, Pro Tools 11.x, Pro Tools 10.x
 Sample Rate Support Max Rate: 192k
 Copy Protection Requires iLok2


 AAX Native 64
 AAX AudioSuite 64
 AAX Native 32
 AAX AudioSuite 32



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