Maestro | PowerWall

Please note: We’re excited to introduce the new Maestro | PowerWall, which offers all the same great features of PowerWall, plus Maestro | TD Control, but with several new features and improved management tools that provide fast-and-easy pre-production workflows and better performance.

Bring dynamic storytelling to your studio

Maestro | PowerWall—the next-generation Maestro | TD Control—is an innovative display control and management solution that makes it easy to present, manage, and control rich media across multiple high-resolution studio displays and in your studio space. Captivate viewers and bring excitement to your studio, news, or sports production with real-time graphics, video, augmented reality content, and live data feeds—all from a single touchscreen interface.



Bring dynamic storytelling to your studio—Watch now

Customer story

Late Show Demand Gen 1200x600

The Late Show’s stand-out graphics developed with Avid



RFD-TV—real time graphics to air with Avid Solutions

Product highlights

  • Manage multiple display surfaces
  • Maestro | TD Control enables you to easily manage multiple display surfaces, regardless of aspect ratio, size or shape, or resolution—including ultra HD. It features a built-in pixel base router that provides accurate mapping to different video walls. You can also display different formats simultaneously across inputs and outputs.