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Meet Media Composer | First

What do Wonder Woman, Beauty and the Beast, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 all have in common? They were all edited on Avid Media Composer. Make a name for yourself starting now… Use the tools the pros use—for FREE.

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Getting started?

Want the standard?

Getting started?

Get Media Composer | First

Create and edit video using many of the same tools the pros use with this streamlined version of Media Composer—available for free.

Want the standard?

Get Media Composer

Accelerate storytelling and power through more complex video editing with the industry standard—available to subscribe or own.

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It's a fact that over 95% of all mainstream movies released in 2016 were edited on Media Composer. And so were most TV shows, too! Media Composer | First is a completely free version of the same video editing application, available on either Mac or PC. If you are an aspiring filmmaker or vlogger looking to get a start in editing, there’s no better way to bring your imagination to life.

Ready to make a name for yourself?

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Use the same tools the pros use

At the core, Media Composer | First provides the same editing tools your favorite filmmakers, editors, and directors rely on daily. That’s why more than any other video editing tool, learning Media Composer | First can open the door to a career in media and entertainment.

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Gain the cutting edge

Hollywood. TV. Film festivals. The Internet. If you’re an aspiring storyteller looking to make a name for yourself, creating great content and getting it seen can be a challenge. Media Composer | First empowers you with the right tools and advantage you need to succeed.

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Get the support of the industry

As a member of the Avid family, you have access to an invaluable community of professional editors who routinely share expert-level editing tips, tricks, and industry insight to help you on your journey. And help and advice is always available in our community forums.

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Behind the Scenes of Netflix’s Trollhunters

For me, the process of editing Trollhunters has been pure creative bliss. The one rock-solid constant in the middle of a big TV production has been Avid Media Composer.


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Cutting to the Chase with Baby Driver Editor Paul Machliss, ACE

That was probably the hardest job that I’ve ever worked on as an editor, but it’s always exciting to do a job that challenges you and pushes you forward.


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Editor, Director Bring ‘The Martian’ Home with Avid

The organizational capability of Media Composer is very useful as well as all the tools, the simple visual effects and comps that we can do...it's a very versatile tool.


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