NUGEN Stereo Pack Elements Bundle

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Take complete control of your stereo panorama with powerful new tools, each offering incredible flexibility and accessibility. Stereo Pack Elements from NUGEN delivers intuitive access to the big sound that professionals strive for.

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Create the sound all professionals strive for

The Stereo Pack Elements collection easily enables editing with amazing mono compatibility and no unwanted artifacts. The Stereo Pack Elements Bundle gives you total control of your stereo panorama with three potent tools. The three plug-ins in the bundle offer flexibility in an easily accessible and configurable combination. Built on the same base of technology found in other NUGEN Audio Plug-ins, Stereo Pack Elements produces first class audio from the beginning.

All three plug-ins maintain character and do not add undesirable phase, delay artifacts, or reverb.


  • Expand stereo naturally and artifact-free
  • Full mono-compatibility
  • Leave original source character intact
  • Sharpen bass
  • Clear visual feedback via intuitive interfaces
  • Stereo image reconstruction

System requirements

Pro Tools Pro Tools | First, Pro Tools 12.x, Pro Tools 11.x
Memory 2GB
RAM  512MB
Sample Rate Support Max Rate: 96k


Sound Field
AAX Native 64
AAX AudioSuite 64
Audio Unit