Titler Pro 2.0 for Avid


Create beautiful and sophisticated 3D titles without leaving Media Composer

Integrates directly into Avid and is available for free for users with a perpetual license (or subscription licenses) to Media Composer. Leverage Titler Pro to quickly create sharp 2D and 3D titles with full 4K support. Plus, you can easily promote your old titles from the Avid Title tool with just a few clicks.

Titler Pro 2 includes simple extrusion controls for quick 3D title creation and features more than 60 pre-built animated templates with full control over style, keyframing and render quality settings.


  • Elegant and enhanced workflow
    Stay organized with Titler Pro’s enhanced workflow features. Create, update and design from the easy-to-use interface. Drag and drop templates from the library for quick title creation or create your own.
  • Experience greater performance than ever
    Familiar with Titler Pro 1.0? Enjoy 5X faster speeds with Titler Pro 2’s improved caching and performance options. Get the results you want at the speed you need.
  • Breathe new life into your old titles
    Titler Pro 2 makes it easy to conform titles you created in the Avid Title Tool. Maintain the colors, gradients and positions to quickly adapt them into your new titling workflow or expand on your initial design.
  • Use your existing EPS designs
    Bring in a pre-made design or logo into Titler Pro 2 to quickly add a starting point for your titles. Extrude, animate and reposition your EPS vectors and bring them to life right inside Titler Pro 2.


Getting Started with NewBlue Titler Pro for Media Composer

Episode 1

Learn the fundamentals of applying a NewBlue title in Avid Media Composer

Episode 2

Learn how to leverage layout tools for multi-object designs

Episode 3

Learn how to create rich, multi-layer 3D styles in Titler Pro

Episode 4

Learn how to apply an animation, keyframe and change template duration


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