• Audio Tracks 128
  • Inputs 32
  • Plug-ins 60+
  • Sessions Unlimited

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Get started fast with Pro Tools

Quickstart Templates

Turn your ideas into songs quickly using templates.

Building a Session from Scratch

Add tracks, VIs, and more to a blank project.

Writing and Riffing

Record tracks and copy/paste audio to build up a song.

Building It Out

Record, edit, and loop drum and other MIDI parts.

In the Pocket

Perfect performances using Elastic Audio and more.

Simplicity in Mixing

Balance faders, add plug-ins, and more.

And We're Done

Finish and master your mix to share with the world.

How-tos and troubleshooting

Using Boom (part 1)

Lay down beats with this virtual drum machine.

Using Boom (part 2)

Program your own drum parts in Boom.

MIDI Editor (part 1)

View and record instrument parts.

MIDI Editor (part 2)

Edit virtual instrument and MIDI parts.

Score Your Music

Write music with built-in notation tools.

Comp Tracks

Create perfects takes by comping together tracks.

Work in Playlist View

Record vocal and instrument performances easily.

Intro to Elastic Time

Work with audio tracks in the same way as MIDI.

* Please note that while some videos reference older versions of Pro Tools, the same instruction applies.

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