Control surface features

Grab hold of your mix

Why navigate through projects one click at a time? Artist Transport greatly accelerates your workflow so you can complete projects faster—and minimize clicking. Intelligently navigate through projects with a flick of the wrist. Get full playback controls at your fingertips. And trim clip heads and tails, set clip gain, crossfade clips, adjust plug-in parameters, and more by simply assigning or programming the controls to do what you want.

Get a tour of the surface

Get precision control

Get the responsiveness and feel of a high-end console data wheel and transport control in a portable, affordable controller. From navigation to fine editing, the weighted, optically encoded Jog Wheel delivers the fluidity and precision you need to stop on a frame. And with the Soft Keys, you can assign functions to the Jog Wheel on the fly or perform shortcuts and macros, accelerating the editorial process while minimizing human error.

Trigger custom actions

With six dedicated Soft Keys, you can instantly perform application functions, keystroke shortcuts, and macro commands to speed up your workflow. Effortlessly navigate application menus and more, all without your hands ever leaving the controller. And when you use the Shift key together with any of these six Soft Keys—as well as with any of the transport and numeric keys—you gain another 29 possible Soft Keys that you can program to gain fast access to your most frequently used functions.

Enter data quickly

Using the integrated numeric keypad, you can instantly jump to time code or marker locations, as well as edit parameters, by simply entering numbers. You can also have all of the 16 keys in the numeric keypad do double duty as programmable Soft Keys when you use them with the Shift key. And if you need a quick reminder of what function is assigned to a Soft Key, just press the Show key in the numeric keypad (the eye icon) to display the function.

Create a custom surface

All Artist Series controllers are modular, so you can combine them together into a single slimline surface to suit your workflow. Connect up to one Artist Control, four Artist Mixes, one Artist Transport, and one Artist Color in any order for a total of up to 36 faders. Or use them separately, as each controller has its own Ethernet connection.

EUCON features

Experience deep, integrated control

Artist Transport features EUCON, enabling the hardware to fully integrate with your favorite creative applications. This groundbreaking technology communicates control information between the surface's Jog Wheel, Shuttle Ring, keys, and display and whatever application is in focus on your computer. And because it’s application-aware, you can work with multiple applications and quickly switch between them at the touch of a button.

Work with your favorite tools

With Artist Transport, you get a versatile control surface that plays extremely well with others. Record and edit music and audio using Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Cubase, Nuendo, Digital Performer, and more. And edit projects with Media Composer, the Symphony Option, and more.

See what you can use

Control multiple apps and workstations

With seamless application switching, Artist Transport instantly adapts all controls and the display to your current audio or video software in seconds. You can even lock parts of the surface to one app while using the rest to switch between apps—perfect for monitor and transport controls. You can also control multiple workstations running any EUCON-enabled software on your extended network from one surface—ideal for multi-workstation workflows and facilities with machine rooms.

Get great flexibility for the future

Avid continues to develop EUCON, making it easy for our partners to introduce new features and functionality to your favorite software titles through updates. In fact, EUCON even supports HUI and Mackie Control protocols, giving you even greater versatility in any studio.