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Media | Distribute simplifies, speeds, and unifies distribution of content to diverse channels and devices, enabling broadcasters to shape a total audience experience. Media | Distribute links production with distribution to web, mobile, and social media outlets by orchestrating workflow and automating file preparation and transcoding. It provides a single interface within iNEWS or Interplay | Production to create and deliver content to any selected destination platform.

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Product highlights

  • Deliver a cohesive, multichannel audience experience
  • Add compelling, complementary content
  • Future-proof your investments
  • Audiences today are dictating how content is consumed, whether they watch a live TV broadcast, stream on demand, play through a web browser, discover through social channels, or view on a mobile device. Media | Distribute provides a powerful platform to strengthen your brand affinity, build audience share, and increase ad revenues by enabling you to reach and engage audiences across the most relevant platforms more efficiently and effectively.

  • By addressing new media consumption trends and the need to easily create and deliver compelling, complementary content, Media | Distribute provides a seamless, integrated workflow for content distribution to multiple channels. Extend iNEWS and Interplay | Production workflows to create, version, and publish content to multiple platforms. Share assets and stories by automating content sharing between iNEWS and a web CMS. Develop compelling content for social media that leverages video, pictures, and text. And publish to any platform quickly through automated transcoding and delivery.

  • Media | Distribute leverages your infrastructure investments that have already been made in web, online video, transcoding systems, and social platforms to extend existing workflows and improve operational and organizational efficiency. Designed to support an increasing number of platforms, it accommodates your business needs and market requirements as they change and expand.