Top features

Seamless workflow integration

Leverages iNEWS and Interplay | Production to simplify and extend your existing workflows, and provide access to assets and metadata through MediaCentral | UX to create, version, and publish content to various platforms.

Social media publication

Enables you to leverage video, still images, and text to develop compelling social media messages as part of the core creation process. Video assets are automatically transcoded and published to the online video platform with video links embedded in the social message.

Story sharing

Enables on-air and web journalists to share assets and stories by automating content sharing between iNEWS and a web CMS to improve overall asset re-use and minimize redundant content acquisition.

Story-centric publishing to any platform

With Media | Distribute, you can focus on creating a compelling story and easily publish to any platform from MediaCentral | UX using its fully automated transcoding and delivery processes. You can also simplify and control social publishing by scheduling messages linked to stories in the iNEWS rundown.

Integrated review, approval, and activity tracking

Safeguard your brand by ensuring accurate and appropriate messages are published to all of your platforms with built-in review and approval tools. With the searchable record of all publishing activities per user, you can track posting activity, topics, and approvals for each post.

Key benefits

Leverage existing infrastructure and business relationships

By leveraging existing technologies and investments to consolidate content creation, adapt workflows, and orchestrate distribution, Media | Distribute helps increase the ROI of your existing investments while remaining open and extendable as your needs change.

Enable story-centric collaboration

Media | Distribute provides a single interface for creation of TV, web, mobile, and social media that's seamlessly integrated in MediaCentral | UX. It enables on-air and web/social journalists and content creators to collaborate more effectively, while maintaining appropriate review and approval processes.

Improve workflow efficiency

The workflow orchestration provided by Media | Distribute drastically reduces the number of steps in the production process by managing transcodes, uploads, and other complexity in the background. This not only eliminates unnecessary manual steps, but also speeds your time to delivery across all platforms.