Common services

Find files fast with shared media services

With the Avid MediaCentral Platform, all media services are centralized, enabling you to access, share, and interact with media stored and/or managed by products connected to the platform.

For example, with centralized media playback services, you can play back or stream media to whatever device you need. And with the Media | Index option, you can search multiple Interplay | ProductionInterplay | MAM, and iNEWS databases to find files fast—wherever they’re stored.

Total peace of mind

Security and protection are at the core of the platform, safeguarding your entire media workflow and pipeline.

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Get more choice, thanks to the connectivity toolkit

To provide you with more choice, the connectivity toolkit enables our third-party partners to make their products and services available to you across the Avid MediaCentral Platform. You can then customize your workflow by adding the tools and services you want to your platform—no matter who makes them—with ensured compatibility.

Extend your workflow through APIs and SDKs

Avid makes more APIs and SDKs available than any other media company—including tools that enable our partners to integrate with Pro ToolsMedia ComposerInterplay, and iNEWS—providing the most open environment in the industry. We currently have over 600 third-party solutions partners, with more APIs and SDKs coming soon. And we’ll continue to expand the platform with more partners to provide a wealth of choices that all work and communicate seamlessly.

Gain greater efficiency with workflow orchestration

Using optional media modules, you can automate processes and optimize workflows across the Avid MediaCentral Platform. Orchestrate the process of ingesting media into production and nearline storage with Media | Director, which initiates media parking, check-in, and transcoding through a simple drag-and-drop interface. And with Media | Distribute, you can quickly and easily distribute content to diverse channels and devices, orchestrating workflow and automating file preparation and transcoding.                 

Simplify administration through unified management

All user authentication, permissions control, and platform settings are accessible from a single, centralized management system, providing the fastest and easiest way to control access to your Avid MediaCentral Platform. For individual users, simply sign on once and you can freely move about the platform. For system administrators, get one-stop administrative power to control user access to all platform tools and capabilities.

Underlying technology

Work in any resolution with Avid Resolution Independence

With Avid Resolution Independence, you can work with SD, HD, 4K, and beyond, using your existing infrastructure. Coupled with the new Avid DNxHR codec, you can choose the ideal format—from lightweight proxies, to mastering-quality HD or 4K files for delivery. Media Composer currently supports this new platform-centric technology, with support for more products and solutions across the Avid MediaCentral Platform coming soon.

Unified experience

Access projects everywhere with MediaCentral | UX

Whether you’re on a Mac or Windows workstation in the studio, a laptop in the field, or an iPad at the airport, you can access media and work on projects across your platform through MediaCentral | UX. This front-end interface, designed for use on web and mobile platforms, provides a unified experience (UX), enabling you to work whenever, wherever, and with whatever you want.

Collaborate with everyone

MediaCentral | UX works with Media ComposerMedia Composer | CloudInterplay | ProductionInterplay | MAMiNEWS, and third-party solutions, enabling all team members to collaborate—without being in the facility. Search for and play back clips, log and create sequences, drop markers, make notes, send messages, collaborate and edit projects everywhere (in conjunction with Media Composer | Cloud), monitor and mix audio, and more.