Control surface features

Accelerate your mixing

Though it functions like a traditional analog surface, S5 Fusion provides greater efficiency and ease. Each channel strip includes a multiformat motorized fader, as well as eight touch-sensitive, color-coded knobs, making it easy to adjust EQ, dynamics, Aux sends, panning, and plug-in parameters. Get complete control of your mix and monitoring using the master module. And get instant visual feedback on your levels, track info, routing, and more.

Tour S5 Fusion

Gain custom control

Bring what’s important closer to you. With Layouts, you can quickly access what you need by saving the position of sources on the surface at any given time for later recall. Always have the most important sources within easy reach. Just save different layouts—whether you want to store/recall settings across the entire desk or only within certain strips. And with Control Groups, you can control any number of faders from a single strip.

Automate with precision

As a fully digital console, S5 Fusion is designed with Total Automation for high-precision mixing. Dynamically automate changes to almost every console parameter to timecode, including volumes, EQ, pans, Aux sends, and dynamics. Write automation changes the instant you touch a fader or knob, with all moves shown on the displays during playback. You can even write automation in small sections to handle detailed post work, or as continuous moves throughout project playback.

Jump to different mix states

Freely experiment without fear of commitment. Or isolate specific channels for easier fine-tuning. With S5, you can store any current console setting as a SnapShot for recall at any time, making it easy to revisit any previous mixing state. Save every setting across all channels, a single channel, or just the EQ or pan settings on a single channel. You can save up to 240 SnapShots per title (project), all of which will be accessible whenever you reload it.

System features

Take control with EUCON

With EUCON technology, you can take deep, tightly integrated tactile control of Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, and other DAWs over high-speed Ethernet. S5 Fusion includes EUCON Hybrid, giving you extended console control capabilities to bring DSP audio channels and DAW tracks from multiple workstations onto the console surface for mixing. This enables you to access DAW tracks that would otherwise be available only as traditional playback sources.

Get full DSP power

S5 Fusion comes with the high-performance SC264D studio computer, which provides machine control and dedicated, expandable DSP channels to the console. Each channel offers EQ and dynamics processing, delay, and surround panning to the multiformat mix, group, and Aux busses. Running eMix software, you can set up and customize the system, manage files, and perform diagnostics from the console.

Route with ease

The SC264D computer also includes PatchNet, a powerful digital patching system that enables you to route all console inputs and outputs. Unlike a traditional patchbay, you can store and recall every single patch that you make. Add additional DSP cards to the computer to increase your channel and bus counts—all of which you can reconfigure to suit your needs using eMix.

Connect to the world

Route and patch audio using industry-standard MADI connectivity, which delivers up to 64 digital audio channels (at 24-bit, 48kHz) along a single coaxial cable. S5 Fusion includes an I/O interface that provides four MADI inputs and outputs (256 x 256 audio I/O channels), expandable up to 512 x 512 channels. Plus, you can customize your I/O with a full range of high-quality Avid converters—both analog and digital—to meet your needs now and in the future.