Boost your creative possibilities

Avid VENUE software* directly supports the same plug-ins used in top recording studios, making it easy to re-create the sounds artists are familiar with. All VENUE systems come with a comprehensive collection of plug-ins—from EQ, reverb, and dynamics, to unbelievable emulations of classic outboard gear and guitar amps. Plus, you can expand your sonic palette further with a choice of hundreds more from Avid and other respected names in pro audio.

Get unprecedented Pro Tools integration

Need to record a show or play back tracks during a performance? With VENUE software, you can control your live mixing and recording rigs as one with the VENUE Link feature. Automatically create a new Pro Tools session from your current VENUE show file in seconds, including track names and all patching—with 100% accuracy. Have song beginnings, endings, and other cues automatically noted with markers. And trigger Pro Tools playback easily through events.

Make changes on the fly

With snapshots, you can store and recall console and plug-in settings instantly, dramatically increasing your mixing efficiency. Set multiple snapshots to handle mixing changes for every song in a set list. Or quickly switch settings for different performers or scenes—with up to 999 snapshots at your disposal. And eliminate tedious tasks by programming frequently performed actions as events, which can be triggered in a variety of ways.

Access groups of channels fast

Get quick and easy access to any channel within a VCA or group without having to bank through multiple channel strip layers to reach it. With VCA and Group Spill, you can temporarily bring channels assigned to a VCA or group immediately to the top of your console to make adjustments.

Get full show file portability

VENUE software makes it easy to move from one VENUE system to another when a gig requires it. Simply copy your show file to a USB key, transport it to another VENUE system, transfer the file, and load it. The software automatically adapts the settings as necessary to fit within the available hardware and software feature set of the given VENUE system configuration, whether it’s an S3L-X, S6L, or anything in between.

Work offline

While VENUE software requires a VENUE system to use, you can pre-program shows or edit show files offline using VENUE Standalone Software. It’s a free download that runs on Windows-based computers, as well as Macs running Boot Camp or emulation software. The standalone software is also a great way for new users to get familiar with VENUE operation before laying a finger on the console.

Download it now

* Please note that Avid VENUE software is only available with the purchase of a VENUE system. Software upgrades for VENUE | S6L and S3L-X Systems are only available through an active Avid support plan in your Avid account. For all other VENUE systems, the latest version upgrade—VENUE 3.x—can be purchased here