Additional AirSpeed | 5500 Features

  • Send clips to up to six AirSpeed servers with one Send to Playback command for redundancy or simultaneous transmission
  • Sync multi-camera recording by linking up to 12 channels across multiple AirSpeed servers with IsoSync, providing one-button record, stop, and pause command across all
  • View and control monitoring, inventory, play, record, clip management, and re-transfer through the intuitive Remote Console UI
  • Create and edit playlists for single or multiple playback channels
  • Preserve embedded data with SMPTE 436-compliant ancillary data stream support
  • Easily connect AirSpeed to your existing infrastructure through industry-standard video inputs, including Gigabit Ethernet, SDI, digital embedded audio, external time code, and RS422
  • Choose your required mode for recording to preserve timecode
  • Customize your system to delete media automatically