Accelerate live news and sports production—end to end

Create and deliver content faster

Avid FastServe is designed to accelerate today’s demanding HD and UHD production workflows. Avid FastServe | Ingest enables journalists, editors, and producers to create and deliver higher quality content faster than ever before. With real-time media transfer to Avid NEXIS storage (in addition to high capacity internal storage), based on its Edit While Capture feature, content is immediately exposed and available through MediaCentral, providing fast access to everyone across your production chain, on any device, from any location. Avid FastServe | Live Edit adds an ultra-fast turnaround layer to the solution by offering on-the-fly real-time content editing on the video server itself, enabling you to turn around content in fractions of a second, ensuring the fastest response time to air.

Get great flexibility and scalability

Avid FastServe delivers great deployment flexibility, performance, and scalability, so you can start small and grow as needed. Its modular video server architecture supports production teams of any size, scaling with you as your needs and team grow. As the industry moves from HD to UHD, and from SDI to Video over IP, Avid FastServe provides an easy transition path through interchangeable interfaces. Its 10GbE architecture also tightly integrates with Avid NEXIS—without requiring any additional hardware.

Reduce production costs

Realize greater operational efficiency and reduce production costs with a modernized, high-performance set of workflows. Avid FastServe is tightly integrated into MediaCentral, offering holistic and streamlined workflows for end-to-end content production and playback.

Get support for multiple workflows

A versatile production environment offers a better return on investment, and Avid FastServe provides a flexible end-to-end solution that meets all production needs. From classic news ingest and playout, to quickly turning around breaking news stories, election coverage, high-profile sporting events, or multi-camera ingest, Avid FastServe can handle the complex and ever-changing needs of even the most demanding broadcast operations, providing a truly exceptional return on investment.

Protect your existing investments

Avid FastServe protects your capital investment by supporting both today’s and tomorrow’s formats, so you can be “future-ready” right now. It’s designed to handle both HD and UHD* ingest and playout, and is a critical component of Avid’s end-to-end 4K solution for news and sports studio workflows, as well as multi-camera ingest. Its architecture also provides peace of mind, allowing a mix of legacy HD-SDI with Video over IP interfaces to support hybrid infrastructures and optimize production workflows.

* Please note that FastServe | Playout supports only HD and SD workflows at this time.

Avid FastServe | Ingest—Capture and make content available quickly

Turn around content faster

Avid FastServe | Ingest can encode UHD and HD streams simultaneously from a broad range of source inputs, including in-studio cameras, satellite feeds, and more—with the ability to share content with other Avid FastServe | Ingest servers on your network. It offers hundreds of hours of internal storage and a 10GbE interface that connects directly to Avid NEXIS, enabling teams to edit media while it’s being captured for faster turnarounds—even with demanding UHD resolutions.

Get easy scheduling

Avid FastServe | Ingest offers scheduled on-demand recording, as well as 24/7 loop recording ingest. Media is ingested to its internal storage and Avid NEXIS storage in parallel. If only backup recording is required, the internal recording can be later exported, depending on the need, saving significant network traffic. You can also use the clipping and consolidation server tools to help reduce media overload by consolidating and sharing only the required segments.

Boost your I/O capabilities

Avid FastServe | Ingest supports up to four UHD channels in pristine Avid DNxHR, up to eight 1080p channels in Avid DNxHD and DNxHR, and up to eight channels of XDCAM HD or DNxHD for 1080i and 720p workflows. And thanks to the Avid FastServe | Ingest server’s loop recording algorithm, you can have confidence and peace of mind in knowing that any incoming media is always recorded and can be easily clipped for further use across your Avid FastServe production environment.

Avid FastServe | Live Edit—Get media ingest, edit, and playout in one

Accelerate live production

When timing is critical, Avid FastServe | Live Edit kicks in as your first response tool, offering ingest, edit, and playout from within the same box for instant turnaround of press conferences, political debates, sports highlights, and other live events. For breaking news scenarios, it enables you to trim and package studio monitor loops, incoming B-roll, and audio syncs fast, and can even provide a couple seconds of delay in cases where incoming feeds might include disturbing images.

Turn around sports content fast

With sports coverage driving the transition to UHD, broadcasters are required to ingest multiple 4K feeds, quickly cut together highlights, and monetize content across multiple delivery platforms. Avid FastServe | Live Edit offers a turnkey server, controller, and editing toolset in one, enabling you to do all this and more, significantly reducing turnaround time and costs. Incoming clips can be tagged with descriptive keywords and metadata to deliver highlight packages faster. Its automated collaborative workflow with MediaCentral | Production Management makes highlights instantly available across your entire production environment for game recap, post-game analysis, web and mobile delivery, and more.

Get breaking stories on air quickly

When news breaks, video segments come in fast and furious from a growing number of sources, including satellite feeds, cameras, and mobile devices. Footage needs to be encoded and organized quickly with the best shots aired to in-studio monitors and filed as B-roll. Avid FastServe | Live Edit offers a higher channel count, so you can capture more content more quickly—including incoming 24/7 feeds through SDI or IP—and instantly edit clips, create multiple playlists, loop playback, and then add or remove segments from the playlist while on air—all with one operator. You can also tag and sort assets live while transferring to Avid NEXIS, and instantly share content across MediaCentral | Newsroom Management and Media Composer for a highly creative fast-turnaround workflow.

Edit and playback media with the controller

Avid FastServe | Live Edit includes an intelligent controller for accessing clips and playlists, editing highlights, and controlling playback. Get fast access to server controls and configuration tools through its color touchscreen. Scroll, navigate, select, edit, assign, present, and export clips through its illuminated buttons, configurable jog wheel, and T-bar. And access a variety of functions using user-programmable LCD buttons that change according to the server’s status.

Advance your ingest capabilities

By adding Avid FastServe | Live Edit as an additional layer, ingested streams are now available for ultra-fast turnaround, enabling you to create more compelling playlists. At the producer’s discretion, the entire ingest stream—or only the segmented clips—can be shared across the production environment to better serve your specific production needs. Automatic collaboration saves significant resources, as the metadata captured is automatically available throughout the production chain. With many broadcasters covering both news and sports, Avid FastServe | Live Edit does double duty, delivering exceptional performance and reliability in the most fast-paced and demanding environments.

Work more easily from the field

Avid FastServe | Live Edit is ideal for sports and other outside-the-studio live productions. It can handle everything from your pregame show and first replays, to highlight packages and full game recaps, and it offers a streamlined workflow for creating melts, while maintaining all keywords and metadata. The content can later be made available across your entire MediaCentral environment, enabling multiple journalists and editors to work on highlights, content creation, editing, graphics, and more—all within a powerful end-to-end ecosystem.

Boost your ROI

Avid FastServe makes it easy for just one person to orchestrate multiple needs—even for multiple parallel games—offering impressive ROI. It seamlessly integrates with MediaCentral | Production Management, ensuring that every play that is clipped on the server is available to journalists and craft editors in seconds. With the option to tie descriptive keyword metadata to every new clip, plays can be easily found using the MediaCentral | Search app. As all of these production tools are available for HD and UHD, the same workflow can be practiced, providing an easy transition from HD to 1080p or UHD.

Avid FastServe | Playout—Get content to air fast

Turn around content faster

Avid FastServe | Playout supports both HD and SD video ingest and playout, enabling you to capture footage and send it immediately to air as quickly as the news breaks. It also supports native user rights management, rich graphics templates, and efficient repurposing of graphics content, providing great versatility—all from a single intuitive user interface.

Play out multiformat sequences

Avid FastServe | Playout enhances efficiency and decreases time to air by playing out content without having to transcode media to a single unified format first. With a growing number of codecs supported, Avid FastServe | Playout enables you to playback multiple sequences made up of different wrappers and codecs from the same playlist. In addition, Avid FastServe | Playout supports playback of static images and image sequences, as well as media with an alpha channel.

Consolidate playout over one system

Avid FastServe | Playout significantly increases efficiency and cost effectiveness by consolidating all media playout through one system—run by a single operator—without compromising on quality. But it’s much more than just a video playback machine. It can be paired with Maestro | News, providing a fully integrated video and graphics playback solution within a single unified system. This combined solution also tightly integrates with MediaCentral, offering a holistic and streamlined workflow for end-to-end content playback. This unique capability sets Avid FastServe | Playout apart from every other playout server on the market.