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What's Included

  • Client software (5 base licenses):
    • MediaCentral | UX-Access assets and work on projects anywhere, from any device
    • Interplay | MAM Desktop-Search for and retrieve assets through a web-based interface
  • Additional software:
    • Interplay Cataloger-Add and edit timecode-based metadata with great detail
    • Interplay | MAM Administration Suite-Set up user access and maintain the system
    • Business Process Management Suite-Automate file import, transcoding, and delivery and execute other processes
  • Workflows and business processes:
    • Video file import-Provides proxy generation (requires connectivity to Telestream Vantage or other transcoding service) and video analysis (keyframe extraction and shot detection)
    • Video file export-Restores from tape (requires connectivity to SGL Broadcast FlashNet or Front Porch Digital DIVArchive), offers transcoding (requires connectivity to Vantage or ProMedia Carbon), and EDL handling (cut and stitching)
    • Simple file import (non-video)-Imports files without conversion (no archiving to tape)
    • Simple file export (non-video)-Exports files without conversion (no restoring from tape)
  • Data management: Standardized data model with over 350 pre-defined metadata fields (can be modified and expanded at any time)
  • Server software: Interplay | MAM Server license for up to 50 concurrent users
  • Avid Professional Services: MAM Service installation on up to four host server or virtual machines
  • Support: One year of renewable Avid Elite Support, providing 24x7 priority assistance and advice

Customer supplied components:

  • Interplay | MAM File server hardware & server OS licenses
  • SGL FlashNet or Front Porch DIVArchive software and servers
  • SQL database license
  • Data tape library
  • NAS hardware for proxies and hi-res media
  • Telestream Vantage or Harmonic WFS/ProMediaCarbon license