Maestro | AR

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Produce captivating 3D virtual objects

Easily produce captivating 3D virtual objects that look like part of the actual environment. Maestro | AR (formerly RealSet) offers a suite of augmented reality tools that enable you to add visual interest to news, game shows, financial programs, election coverage, sports events, and other productions—both indoors and out. 3D objects remain tied to their exact position—regardless of camera motion—no chroma keying required. You can even use it for product placement and substantially increase your ROI.

Product Highlights

  • Create and control 3D graphics
  • Experience powerful performance
  • Integrate your entire workflow
  • Maestro | AR comes with powerful augmented reality tools that enable you to quickly insert and control 3D virtual objects and immersive graphics in any virtual and/or conventional studio. From mapping videos onto objects and inserting virtual display screens, to superimposing static or animated 3D objects into a set that presenters can interact with, Maestro | AR makes the seemingly impossible possible.
  • Thanks to seamless integration with Maestro | Designer (formerly 4Designer), Maestro | AR gives you everything you need to generate all graphic elements. Plus, Maestro | AR features dynamic scene blending capabilities that enable you to load and trigger multiple scenes at the same time.
  • Maestro | AR gives you the power to manage your entire production process by utilizing Maestro | News (formerly Maestro) and Maestro | Branding (formerly 3DPlay) controllers. Plus, it offers seamless integration with all major newsroom and automation systems, as well as a variety of camera tracking solutions.