Reliable playout and real-time branding graphics

Play a variety of video formats

Maestro | Channel in a Box (formerly Blend) supports playback of all commonly used file formats and codecs, including MPEG 2, MPEG 4, DNxHD, DVCPRO HD, DV 25/50, IMX, and wrappers such as MXF, MPEG, and QuickTime. You can also combine SD and HD clips into a single playlist, respecting the clip's aspect ratio. Clips are copied to Maestro | Channel in a Box’s local storage without disturbing the current playout. You can trigger playback either using the Maestro | Channel in a Box playlist or from external automation using the standard VDCP protocol.

Frame accuracy

Maestro | Channel in a Box is a frame-accurate system that supports back-to-back clip playback, allowing several clips to be cued for playout. You can start with a single channel and gradually increase the server to a multichannel setup by adding additional Maestro | Channel in a Box playout systems.

Mix audio with ease

Maestro | Channel in a Box supports 16 channels (8 stereo pairs) of embedded audio, which can be mixed with additional inputs and with audio clip files to a single output. Maestro | Channel in a Box provides control over volume level, cross fading, and other embedded audio features.

Play out branding graphics in real time

Maestro | Channel in a Box is a native 3D solution that offers real-time graphics playout. It works with all commonly used graphic elements, including tickers, lower thirds, full frames, and animated logos. Plus, smart logic can be easily introduced to graphics without the need for scripting or programming. The video server’s output can be fed back to the graphics engine to enable video manipulation for end credits, squeeze backs, and more.

Data-driven graphics

Maestro | Channel in a Box enables you to insert live video inputs into the graphic scene for use as Digital Video Effects and video clips. Data can be pumped into the graphic templates from external databases supporting all commonly used database formats. Maestro | Channel in a Box can also query the relevant scheduling playlist and its associated data from different databases. This enables you to update “playing now “and the “coming up next” information with the relevant graphics template.

Control playout with playlists

Control a channel using extensive capabilities

With Maestro | Channel in a Box, you can edit and run playlists with primary and secondary events, and control both video and branded graphics from the playlist. Typically, videos are treated as primary events while graphics are treated as secondary events, enabling you to place an offset between the two.

Intuitive playlist

Maestro | Channel in a Box gives you the flexibility to edit your playlist while its playing. Absolutely every event's parameters can be modified, with the exception of the currently played event. While adding/modifying the events, the playlist ensures that next event is cued and ready to play.

Create and introduce segments with Media Composer

Creating clip segments is easier than ever if you’ve got Media Composer. Using markers, create in and out points in any Media Composer sequence and tag them as a marker with its name. Introducing graphics is just as simple. Navigate to the frame where you want to include the graphic element and create a marker to represent the graphic. You can then schedule segments by simply dragging and dropping them into a Maestro | Channel in a Box playlist.

Tie events to other devices

Maestro | Channel in a Box enables primary events to include “tied” events, which can be assigned to other devices such as a router, GPI, and more. In addition to media clips and graphics, you can schedule live sources, enabling the playlist to execute a cut or graphic transition between clips to live sources.

Create playlists offline

The standalone playlist mediator makes it fast and easy to create playlists—simply drag and drop clips into a scheduled playlist. You can also populate graphic templates with data, preview it, and schedule it to the same playlist. The playlist mediator can also be used as a mediator for converting third-party traffic playlists into the Maestro | Channel in a Box playlist format.

Robust hardware with integrated media management

Get peace of mind with robust hardware

Maestro | Channel in a Box provides maximum performance and proven reliability. Video clips are stored on configured RAID disks that are RAID protected. It also offers fully redundant protection with hot swappable power supplies, as well as mechanical and software bypass.

In addition, Maestro | Channel in a Box offers full redundancy between the main and backup systems. Once the main playlist is modified, you can sync the backup and main systems, ensuring the playlist is mirrored. In the event that your main system goes down, the backup system can be taken to air immediately.

Automatic media movement

Maestro | Channel in a Box provides fully automatic media movement from central storage to its local storage. If a file is missing based on the loaded playlist, a request for the missing media is sent, starting the process of copying the missing media to Maestro | Channel in a Box's storage.