Maestro | Designer

New features

Easily work with more complex 3D scenes and virtual studios by integrating up to four active cameras in your scenes, which can be displayed simultaneously in the multi-preview window, giving you a better overall look at how graphic elements are placed

Create object reflections and animations that automatically connect to and reference the original object with the Mirror tool

Gain greater flexibility to create more complex shapes and textures with new primitives—including tetragon, n-gon, and supercube—minimizing the reliance on external modelling software or Photoshop

Handle the timing of multiple animations more easily now that animation groups can be combined into Master Animations

Set up and time animation triggers in conjunction with animation keyframes from its display in the timeline; plus you can now set up a trigger to issue any time an export value is changed in the scene

Generate masks and textures automatically within the Render Engine, as procedural textures for grids, lines, and gradients automatically generate repeating patterns and gradients that you define—no need to assign a texture from an external source