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The smartest play in live sports

Graphics and video play major roles in live sports production. Presenting captivating and meaningful content that relates to every second of the action is a challenge. Maestro | Live makes real-time sports production easy with an all-in-one solution that boosts your efficiency like never before. Produce and control action-based, data-driven UHD graphics and video playout from a single interface. Edit or create an interface for any sport without scripting. Plug into sports data to dynamically update content. Even integrate tracked-to-field graphics to step up your game. It’s a game-changer for all live sports coverage.

Customer story

RUV Iceland1

RÚV and Avid develop seamless live production workflow


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The all-in-one solution for live sports production


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The smartest play in live sports

Product highlights

Maestro Sports Main UI in Monitor
  • Work smarter
  • Plug in and play
  • Easily track graphics to the field
  • Control playout with ease
  • Imagine being able to work with an intelligent user interface that can dynamically modify itself based on the current gameplay. That’s the power behind Maestro | Live. Jump into the action with a ready-made data-driven user interface to cover major sports. Easily modify to customize it or create your own interface for any type of sport or production with simple drag-and-drop editing—no scripting or programming required.

  • Maestro | Live easily connects to sports data feeds and scoreboard protocols that you can set to auto-populate and update information in your graphics templates. It’s ideal for quickly pulling in the starting lineups, player stats and pictures, and standings before a game, and presenting updates throughout the event with assured accuracy. You can also manually enter and edit any data to improve its content or give it extra flair.

  • No need to invest in additional costly tools to display the first down line in football, distance to goal in soccer, or augmented reality advertising elements. Maestro | Live integrates full tracked-to-field graphics capabilities within its interface, providing unprecedented ease and efficiency. Use either its internal image-based tracking engine or any physical sensor-based tracking system to tie graphics to any game field.

  • Eliminate the need for a dedicated video playback operator or additional equipment. Maestro | Live comes with a high-performance video server that makes it easy to control video playback from the same interface you use for graphics production. Play clips and playlists from its internal storage or from an external storage device such as Avid NEXIS. You can also holistically sync video sequences and graphics together, minimizing resources while increasing production value.