Maestro | TD Control


Control and manage high-resolution studio displays

Captivate viewers and bring excitement to your set with an innovative studio display control and management solution. Maestro | TD Control (formerly TD Control) makes it easy to present, manage, and control rich media—including 3D real-time graphics, video clips, augmented reality, and live feeds—across multiple high-resolution, non-standard studio displays, and even in the studio space itself, from a single interface. And with the latest version, you gain more flexibility and simplicity, enabling you to easily configure and customize the look and feel of any studio production.



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Customer story

Late Show Demand Gen 1200x600

The Late Show’s stand-out graphics developed with Avid



RFD-TV—real time graphics to air with Avid Solutions

Product highlights

  • Manage multiple display surfaces
  • Consolidate and deliver rich media
  • Simplify your entire workflow
  • Streamline your workflow
  • Maestro | TD Control enables you to easily manage multiple display surfaces, regardless of aspect ratio, size or shape, or resolution—including ultra HD. It features a built-in pixel base router that provides accurate mapping to different video walls. You can also display different formats simultaneously across inputs and outputs.
  • Maestro | TD Control gives you a powerful toolset that enables you to create and deliver engaging media content, including real-time 3D graphics and data, augmented reality, live videos, and more.
  • Maestro | TD Control provides increased flexibility and simplicity with its built-in set of tools, enabling you to easily configure and customize your production's look and feel for any studio production requirement. All from a single, intuitive touch interface.

  • Maestro | TD Control integrates seamlessly into your existing control room workflow and devices. It supports all major vision mixers and video routers, and enables editorial content to be created using iNEWS and other NRCS systems. In addition, the generated roundown can be automatically played from major production automation systems.