Complete video wall management

Automate your studio workflow—just added

Maestro | TD Control (formerly TD Control) delivers a complete end-to-end solution to enhance and simplify your studio workflow—from automation, to controlling and managing studio display and Augmented Reality content. And because it's a highly efficient and open system, it fully integrates with leading studio automation solutions too, including GV Ignite, Ross OverDrive, and Sony ELC.

Display your outputs in ultra-high resolution

Using Maestro | TD Control, you can display visuals at up to 16x the size of your HD-SDI video outputs, and up to 8x the size of 1080p outputs. Display different formats simultaneously across inputs and outputs, including SD, HD, Ultra HD, 3G, 4K, and other high-res formats. Eliminate the need for additional expensive devices with the built-in up/down convertor. Minimize deferrals when interacting with live video sources, thanks to constant internal two-frame delay on all processing. Plus, internal 4K clips can be displayed as 4K using four HD-SDI outputs to a video wall.

Verify your content prior to going on air

Monitor your content prior to playout with the program/preview feature, which displays real-time replicas of all monitors in the studio. The feature takes the actual aspect ratios, orientations, and positions into account. If you want to control and monitor more than a single device, use the dynamic program/preview feature, which automatically toggles between different multi-viewer displays according to your workflow—enabling you to focus on a single display and save on equipment costs.

Manage all of your unconventional video walls simultaneously

Using Maestro | TD Control's built-in pixel base router, you get accurate mapping from the Maestro | TD Control output to different video walls and their individual aspect ratios. Pixel router is based on a canvas module, enabling you to slice the canvas to fit the different video walls and their unique sizes.

Consolidate and deliver rich media to your video wall

Tell captivating stories visually—just added

No need to invest in extra resources to turn your studio space into a captivating storytelling environment. Maestro | TD Control can now control your Augmented Reality graphics in addition to your rich video wall content. Its advanced UI tools ensure that your Augmented Reality graphics interact and maintain perfect sync with your studio display content to convey a unified story. This enables you to easily manage and drive both types of content from a single solution, providing a holistic experience for both the user and viewer.

Incorporate real-time 3D graphics and videos

Maestro | TD Control enables you to incorporate real-time 3D graphics and video processing into your studio. Showcase multi-box effects, endless 3D transitions, live tickers and data, and other graphical elements into your video display or on-air presentation. Maestro | TD Control offers up to eight internal HD clip players, eliminating the need for external players.

Control your video wall content easily

Easily control and trigger your content for each video using the sleek, touchscreen interface. The streamlined tab design allocates the working area according to your needs, enabling you to control different areas of production separately. Or control everything all together using the multi-tab control, which also enables you to manage and trigger multiple devices simultaneously.

Streamline your workflow

Create editorial content using NRCS systems

Maestro | TD Control enables you to iNEWS to generate editorial content into the Maestro | TD Control rundown, which can be triggered by the Maestro | TD Control operator or by an automated system. Producers and reporters can even pre-populate graphic templates in the newsroom software to be automatically updated in the rundown.

Bi-directional communication

Maestro | TD Control facilitates bi-directional communication with a variety of production vision mixers, including those from Grass Valley, Ross, Sony, Snell & Wilcox, and more—you can even recall presets on the vision mixers and vice-versa. You can also use Maestro | TD Control to control routers, providing you with more flexibility to manage video sources and live feeds, freeing up vision mixer usage. Choose from a variety of supported routers, including Blackmagic Videohub, Evertz Quartz, and NVision NV9000.