Design unique, ultra-realistic virtual studios

Get unlimited design possibilities

Maestro | Virtual Set comes with all of the tools you need to create a captivating virtual studio, which might not be possible with a conventional set. It features powerful tools for interfacing with 3D modeling software, including 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, and more. Or use VRML, COLLADA, or FBX formats to import 3D models—along with their animations, textures, and materials—and design virtual studio sets that were previously impossible to build, too complex, or just too expensive to manufacture.

Create photorealistic sets

Maestro | Virtual Set includes dynamic tools to help you make your virtual studio look incredibly real. Generate high-end real-time graphics through its powerful rendering capabilities. Enable the background to defocus as the camera zooms in—and refocus as it zooms out—with depth-of-field shaders. Plus, with real-time material shaders such as metal, glass, ceramic, and more, you can design set elements with realistic textures and reflective properties.

Do more with a single solution

In addition to its virtual studio tools, Maestro | Virtual Set includes new Xync 2.0 infrared camera tracking technology, providing highly accurate tracking to accommodate any size space. Plus, because it’s a modular solution that can be scaled to fit any size production and budget, you can dramatically change the look and feel of your studio environment on an ongoing basis, elevating production value with a cost-effective one-time investment.

Run multiple productions in real time

Powered by the Avid HDVG real-time graphics rendering platform, Maestro | Virtual Set offers unmatched rendering power that enables you to run multiple virtual sets in real time, maximizing resources while increasing revenue. In fact, new sets can be uploaded to the graphics engine quickly, so you can use an existing studio intensively.

Experience unmatched reliability

Maestro | Virtual Set delivers the utmost reliability in even the most demanding studio environments. For added peace of mind, it offers a unique bypass technology option, enabling you to switch automatically to an alternate auxiliary signal should the need arise. In addition, a redundant power supply ensures that in the event of a power failure, Maestro | Virtual Set will continue to operate, so your audience never sees an empty blue or green screen.

Cut costs substantially

By creating virtual sets, you can eliminate physical set costs, including material, construction, transportation, storage, and maintenance of the sets. In fact, additional video walls, screens, rotating platforms, and other mechanical props can all be realized virtually, saving you a substantial sum of money year to year. Without the physical wear and tear.

Control everything with one operator

Because only one operator is required to operate the virtual background and the on-air graphics, you can cut down on your operational resources considerably. Plus, Maestro | Virtual Set makes small spaces appear larger—a virtual set may be as small as 10 x 10 feet, thereby having lower related costs for lighting, air conditioning, and other incidentals, while maintaining a large studio feel.

Get powerful rendering

Maestro | Virtual Set comes with your choice of two high-performance HDVG real-time graphics rendering platforms, which both support multiple formats and include an internal video delay as part of the system. For larger studios and more complex productions, choose the HDVG4, which provides up to 16 video insertions in HD and SD formats, as well as 14 in 3G. For smaller productions, choose the HDVG+, which provides up to 8 video insertions in HD and SD formats.

Unify your camera workflow

When working in multi-camera productions, using different tracking methods for each studio camera not only requires that the camera position match the graphics output, but also requires extreme accuracy between the different tracking methods. Maestro | Virtual Set makes this easy, providing constant coverage of all studio cameras using just a few infrared surveillance cameras fixed onto your studio ceiling. All from a single controller.

Get highly accurate camera tracking

Track every move with precision

Maestro | Virtual Set comes with Xync 2.0—an extremely accurate infrared tracking system that provides unmatched performance and accuracy for live productions. Freely move a camera anywhere within your virtual or conventional studio without limits—even with multi-camera productions. From low-angle shots, 360-degree pans, and close-ups, to crane movement and handheld camera shots while zooming in or out, your possibilities—and vantage points—are endless.

Work with your existing studio cameras

Maestro | Virtual Set supports a wide variety of broadcast cameras, lenses, and tripods, so you can easily integrate multiple camera configurations without reliance on third-party technologies. With its 360-degree shooting range, the infrared tracking system supports an unlimited number of pedestal, dolly, handheld, steady-cam, and crane-mounted cameras, giving you great flexibility—and freedom of movement—within your environment.

Track in real time

Xync 2.0 processes all tracking information from all camera parameters, including the XYZ position, zoom, tilt, pan, focus, and roll settings. Using a series of sophisticated algorithms, it analyzes the data, determines the value of each variable, and feeds the tracking data directly to your Maestro | Virtual Set system—all in real time—for the most fluid motion and accuracy.

Experience seamless performance

With only a negligible two frames of total delay for the entire system, you can create complex virtual studio environments filled with 3D virtual objects and video, and operate with the confidence of delivering a smooth performance every time. Even inserting multiple full-res videos won’t add additional delay to the system.

Get complete reliability

Not only is Xync 2.0 highly accurate, it’s incredibly reliable too. Its fully redundant architecture minimizes any single point of failure. To generate sufficient tracking information, it only requires that three light sources be visible—out of a total 16 available on each target—using two ceiling-mounted surveillance cameras. And it delivers dependable performance no matter how high or low the ceiling.

Get extensive tracking flexibility

Maestro | Virtual Set works with a wide range of camera tracking solutions to meet any production need or budget. In addition to Xync 2.0, it can be used with Pattern Recognition and mechanical sensor tracking systems, as well as third-party systems from Vinten Radamec, Shotoku, Egripment, Mo-Sys, Supertechno, Stype, NCam, Telemetrics, Blackcam Systems, TrackMen, and others.

Further enrich your virtual set

Present content in creative ways

Pair Maestro | Virtual Set with Maestro | AR (formerly RealSet) augmented reality tools and you can produce, insert, and control 3D virtual objects in any virtual or real-world studio environment. Map graphics and video onto any object in your scene, whether you’re broadcasting from inside a studio or outdoors. Import 3D objects into a scene to add more visual interest. Even dress up your studio with unique set pieces and displays to complement a program or theme.

Create eye-catching graphics

Maestro | Virtual Set integrates seamlessly with Maestro | Designer (formerly 4Designer) to generate all graphical elements. Import 3D objects—along with their geometry, textures, and animation—from 3ds Max, Maya, and other modeling software directly into Maestro | Designer for further enhancement and for use in your Maestro | Virtual Set environment. Once an object is associated with camera tracking information, it remains tied to its position in the studio regardless of the camera’s motion.

Display high-res video wall content

You can also combine Maestro | Virtual Set with Maestro | TD Control (formerly TD Control) to add even more visual excitement to your set. This pairing enables you to add 3D real-time graphics, video, augmented reality content, images, visual effects, and live data feeds across multiple high-resolution video displays in your virtual studio.

Get a fully integrated workflow

Maestro | Virtual Set relies on Maestro | News (formerly Maestro) and Maestro | Branding (formerly 3DPlay) controllers to manage the production process. Maestro | News offers immediate access to external databases, embedded preview windows, and playlists, supporting last-minute changes. Maestro | Branding enables you to introduce non-sequential logic and rules to graphics and interactivity with its flexible controller. Maestro | Virtual Set also seamlessly integrates with major newsroom and automation systems, including MediaCentral | Newsroom Management, iNEWS, ENPS, OCTOPUS, Dalet, and Control Air.