Work anywhere

With Media Composer | Cloud Remote, you can extend real-time collaborative production to Media Composer editors anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Boost production efficiency on location when used as part of the new story-centric workflow. Use global editing workflows, including access to Interplay | Production assets. Operate in a secure private cloud. And upload and share field assets while editing. All you need is a laptop and 4G or Wi-Fi connection.

Collaborate in real time

Experience the most streamlined and seamless editorial workflow, whether you’re onsite or on location. Upload media from your remote location to jumpstart editing and turn around projects faster. Combine media from the field with content managed by your Interplay | Production system back at home for everyone—local and remote—to access. And access media and edit projects from any location.

Speed up and simplify workflows

Automate media transcoding, uploading, downloading, and check-in to any connected Interplay | Production system in the background—without disrupting your creative flow. Edit directly from Interplay, while predefined output processes simplify editing and automatic check-in on the production asset system. And speed up editing with support for Background Render, Dynamic Media Folders, and Editor Background Transcode.

Transfer media intelligently

Begin uploading media as you’re editing a story to speed the crucial transfer of local media from the field. You can intelligently prioritize your media transfer based on working content and deliver proxy files ahead of full-resolution files. Upload H.264 proxy media, full-resolution media, or proxy followed by full-resolution media. Or browse and use streamed workgroup media in real-time, without pre-creating proxy media.

Extend production everywhere

Because Media Composer | Cloud Remote connects remote Media Composer editors directly to Interplay | Production, it provides access to the full spectrum of media production capabilities. As if you were working at the home facility. From connectivity and creation, to workflow management and collaboration, you gain an optimized, real-time workflow for deadline-driven broadcast and post production.

Save time and money

When schedules and budgets are tight, it might not be practical to fly in or house all editors at your production facility or overnight media drives full of dailies. With Media Composer | Cloud Remote, you can work with top talent no matter where they are in the world. And all crews need is Media Composer and a Wi-Fi or 4G connection to transcode, upload, and check-in locally acquired media and finished projects, putting an end to the FedEx shuffle.