Key Benefits

Accelerate turnaround time

Prepping a day’s worth of shot footage is a labor-intensive endeavor. Media | Director can park, check-in, and transcode material quickly, automatically, and reliably when you need it, so you can access footage faster. It works with all AMA (Avid Media Access) supported file-based media formats when connected to Avid ISIS or third-party storage.

Integrate with Avid ISIS shared storage

With Avid ISIS shared storage, you can immediately start logging and editing material parked on it—without having to wait for the transcode process to complete—enabling you to jumpstart the creative process.

Streamline your workflow

Media | Director features easy-to-use scripting tools that enable you to create custom profiles that orchestrate your entire ingest process between Interplay | Production and Avid and third-party storage—from embedding metadata, to transcoding material and more. And because it supports Interplay | Transcode, you can set it to conform your edited sequence to your parked native source material when you’re ready for finishing.

Lower production costs

Media | Director eliminates the need to employ teams of media wranglers to handle overnight media prep and transcoding. Instead, you can let the software swiftly handle the process of ingesting all file-based media into production and nearline storage for you.

Other Features

Customize the interface with the Profile Builder

Because Media | Director is script-based, it’s easy to customize the interface to make the software do exactly what you need it to do. Using the Profile Builder, you can add interface elements that prompt contributors to fill in certain important information, set storage locations (to house original and/or proxy material), organize media into a folder hierarchy, and/or initiate the transcode process.

Conform sequences with Interplay | Transcode

Media | Director works in concert with the Interplay | Transcode option, enabling you to conform your edited sequence to the parked original source material for final finishing and delivery.

Work with the latest camera formats using AMA

Media | Director employs the same proven AMA (Avid Media Access) technology found in Media Composer, enabling you to work with XDCAM, P2, QuickTime and the Avid MXF OP-1a plugin (Note: for details of supported plug-ins please refer to the Media | Director documentation).

Save money by using existing hardware

Media | Director works with Interplay | Production and can be installed on your existing hardware.