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Dynamic center of news content creation and distribution

  • Create, view, and edit iNEWS stories and browse rundowns anywhere
  • View a dashboard of all the content related to key stories in a single location
  • Access to moment-by-moment status information, feeds, stories, and rundowns

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AirSpeed | 5500


Versatile media ingest and playout

  • Turn around stories faster
  • Access assets anywhere
  • Save time and money

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Maestro | News


Enterprise on air graphic solution for broadcast productions

  • Integrate into the production environment
  • Easily control sophisticated graphics productions
  • Gain a powerful rendering platform

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MediaCentral | Newsroom Management


Be the first with breaking news

  • Boost newsroom efficiency to accelerate reach, ratings, and revenue
  • Produce and deliver breaking stories faster across multiple platforms
  • Access media and create stories from anywhere, using any device

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MediaCentral | Production Management


Do in minutes what once took hours

  • Accelerate project turnaround for broadcast, sports, and post production
  • Manage content creation, automate workflows, and empower collaboration
  • Access media and work on projects from anywhere, using any device

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MediaCentral | Asset Management

MC_Asset Management_Monitor

Make the most of your media

  • Find assets fast, streamline operations, and enable new revenue opportunities
  • Archive and manage any type of media with easy automation and analytics
  • Easily browse and retrieve media across multiple tiers of storage for reuse

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Intelligent storage for real-time media production

  • Collaborate with anyone, anywhere
  • Scale-out with modular hardware
  • Provision workspaces on demand

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