MediaCentral Platform


The world’s most flexible and integrated media production and distribution platform

As the foundation of our Avid Everywhere vision, the MediaCentral Platform empowers unrivaled efficiency, streamlined workflows, remote collaboration, and the unparalleled capacity to contribute to any production from anywhere. And now together with our new alliance partner, Microsoft, we’re leading the industry’s ability to handle full-scale media production by extending MediaCentral in the cloud.

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  • Use the industry’s most trusted tools in the cloud
  • Leverage your existing Avid investment
  • Gain flexibility and dramatically lower costs
  • Connect and collaborate from anywhere
  • With new cloud-based client applications, media services, and infrastructure on demand, you and your team can access all of the benefits of cloud computing within the familiar and most-trusted media production environment in the world. With everything needed for media production accessible in the cloud, you can turn around higher quality work faster and more economically, speeding your time to market.

  • If you’re already on the MediaCentral Platform, your on-ramp to the cloud is already in place. When you’re ready to transition, simply add the cloud-enabled workflows, media services, and client application hosting you need to your private data center, public cloud, or even a hybrid environment—all at your own pace.

  • With flexible deployment and licensing, you can more easily and economically deploy any combination of infrastructure—on-premises, in a private data center, and in the public cloud. Scale resources as needed to address peaks in demand, whether anticipated or not. All in one integrated and secure media-savvy environment. And with new enterprise licensing options, you can tap into the massive economies of scale enabled by cloud-enhanced workflows across workgroups and departments.

  • As the upcoming successor to MediaCentral | UX, MediaCentral | Cloud UX will give geographically dispersed teams a universal way to connect with anyone, anywhere, on the platform. This completely redesigned and highly responsive web-based application will offer a superfast and intuitive way for anyone to search, browse, access, edit, collaborate, and publish content—all from a single, unified user interface that provides the same look, feel, and interactivity, whether you’re using a workstation, laptop, or mobile device.