Capture the action

Stay on top of every sports highlight or breaking news story and turn around content ultra-fast. Designed to meet the challenges of today’s most stressful studio and remote productions, PlayMaker is a versatile ingest/playout solution that enables you to create slow-motion replays, highlight reels, and news updates instantly. Ingest feeds around the clock, so you always have access to the latest media. And with easy Interplay | Production and Avid MediaCentral Platform integration, PlayMaker is the most cost-effective way to enable collaboration and streamline your workflow.

Product Highlights

  • Give audiences the shots they want
  • Command your entire operation with ease
  • Keep media sources up and running
  • Streamline and secure your production
  • When it comes to covering live sports or news, viewers have high expectations. You’ve got to turn around footage of the big plays or stories fast if you want to keep them engaged. With PlayMaker, you can turn captured media feeds into exciting sports replays or news stories instantly. Quickly edit together compelling playlists to present pregame teasers, game highlights, postgame wrap-ups, or different angles to tell the best story.

  • PlayMaker makes it easy to share clips across multiple systems on your network. With a simple tap on the controller’s user-friendly touchscreen, you can browse through any local or remote system’s clip list and select a clip for preview, copy, or instant playback. 

  • With the ability to continuously ingest multiple feeds, you’ll always have the footage you need to present different angles of a key play or a breaking news story the second it happens. You can set PlayMaker to Cyclic (loop-record) mode, with each clipped item automatically protected, or segment your recordings into discrete and easy-to-identify “sessions.”

  • PlayMaker offers RAID 6-protected internal storage, as well as USB and direct network connections for transferring media to and from external storage devices such as USB drives, NAS, SAN, and Avid NEXIS. That means you can use your current infrastructure without additional—and costly—intermediate software and hardware. And it integrates with Interplay | Production and other MediaCentral Platform solutions, enabling teams to share media, maximizing efficiency.