Gain new EUCON enhancements—just added

EUCON 3.7 software brings new features to S6, providing faster ways of working. With EQ and DYN (dynamics) cycling, you can quickly access the next plug-in in your chain by double-pressing the EQ or DYN Function buttons while viewing their graphs on S6. You can also quickly clear any attentioned track by pressing the Attention key on the Automation Module. And you can now choose whether to show the workstation number before the track number and name, or vice-versa.

View all of your meters in one—just added

Want to keep your Master and Bus meters visible at all times? With EUCON 3.7 software, you can turn any S6 Display Module into a Master Meter Module, giving you greater visual feedback for mixing. By being able to leverage a separate display showing all of your meters in 1–4 rows—which can be stored as presets and recalled with layouts—you'll be more in tune with your mix than ever.

Immerse yourself in Dolby Atmos®

Today’s moviegoers have high expectations, demanding more bang for their buck. That’s why Dolby Atmos is the hottest thing in cinema and home theater, delivering bigger, more immersive audio experiences to viewers. And now you can get hands-on access to the most efficient Dolby Atmos mixing workflows in the industry—right from any Pro Tools | S6 surface and in Pro Tools | HD.

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Gain flexibility with the modular design

S6 is built to grow and change with you at every stage of your business. With a first-of-its-kind modular design, you can customize/modify the surface at any time with the modules, options, and accessories you need to match your current workflow for the greatest cost efficiency. Then scale the surface—horizontally and vertically—as your business grows in the future. Get started fast with a preconfigured surface or design your own custom desk and go from there.

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Work faster with superior ergonomics

S6 acts and feels like a physical extension of your software, providing a truly immersive experience. Turn around projects fast with efficient editing and mixing control. Quickly navigate hundreds of tracks and access and edit plug-ins, pans, and more with the touchscreen. Position sounds exactly where you want or move them around through time with tactile precision. And see every mix detail with unprecedented visual feedback, including Pro Tools waveform scrolling.

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Expand control across your network

Through EUCON, S6 communicates directly with Pro Tools and other DAWs on your network. Simultaneously control up to eight audio workstations with an M40 Master Touch Module-based surface, or two workstations with an M10-based surface. Even workstations in other rooms across your facility. With incredible responsiveness. All from one control surface. Plus, this networked communication makes it easy to configure, scale, and reconfigure the surface at whim.

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Control your entire studio

In addition to Pro Tools, you can mix tracks from Logic, Cubase, and other DAWs. And not just one DAW at a time. You can mix and match channels from different DAWs—side by side—on the surface. Create up to 96 custom layouts using multiple tracks from different systems, and instantly recall them from the touchscreen. It’s the only professional control surface that lets you simultaneously mix multiple music and/or audio post projects across different audio workstations.

Get extensive visual feedback

Get the critical visual insight you need to mix with confidence and speed. Note channel modes from the top-lit, multicolor knobs. View tracks, meters, panning, and other visuals on the master touchscreen. See track names, automation status, and other info through color OLEDs. And on S6 M40 surfaces with the Display Module, you can see channel names, multifunction meters, processing graphs, variable speed Pro Tools waveform scrolling, incoming clip names, and more.

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Mix intuitively with proven technology

S6 delivers incredible workflow acceleration, highly responsive handling, and deep DAW integration. And it’s all built on proven technology, trusted by top audio professionals in the most demanding production environments. The result? You get the exceptional, dynamic performance you need to deliver your best sounding mix possible—on time. Every time.

Take intelligent control of Pro Tools
Pair S6 with Pro Tools and get extended visual feedback and unique features to accelerate your efficiency every step of the way. 

Automate tracks and edit plug-ins. Access parameters quickly by expanding plug-ins across knob modules. Access all channels in a VCA Master by “spilling” them across multiple channel strips. View gain reduction and scrolling waveforms (on S6 M40 surfaces with a Display Module only). You can even edit clips directly from a channel strip.