Produce captivating 3D virtual objects

RealSet makes it easy to produce captivating 3D virtual objects that look like part of the actual environment. RealSet can be used both indoors and outdoors, and adds visual interest to news, game shows, financial programs, election coverage, sports events, and other productions. 3D objects remain tied to their exact position—regardless of camera motion. You can even use it for product placement and substantially increase your ROI. Plus, no chroma keying is required, as the inserted graphics are introduced as a foreground layer.

Product Highlights

  • Take full control of 3D graphic content
  • Experience powerful performance
  • Integrate your entire workflow
  • With RealSet, you get a powerful toolset that provides complete control of 3D content for any type of production. Video-to-texture-mapping technology enables you to map the inserted videos on any object in the scene. Easily insert virtual screens into your studio, or superimpose 3D graphics and videos outdoors.
  • Thanks to seamless integration with 3Designer, RealSet gives you everything you need to generate all graphic elements. Objects remain tied to their position in the studio regardless of the camera’s motion. Plus, RealSet features dynamic scene blending capabilities that enable you to load and trigger multiple scenes at the same time.
  • RealSet gives you the power to manage your entire production process by utilizing Maestro and 3DPlay controllers. Maestro gives you instant access to external databases, embedded preview windows, and playlists. And 3DPlay enables you to introduce non-sequential logic and rules to the branded graphics, Plus, RealSet offers seamless integration with all major newsroom and automation systems, as well as a variety of camera tracking solutions.