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The next stage in live sound

Mix and record any live production, tour, or event with ease. Avid VENUE | S6L delivers the unprecedented processing power, exceptional performance, and renowned sound quality artists and engineers rely on to put on the best show possible. From direct AAX plug-in support, 128 tracks of Pro Tools recording, and intelligent touchscreen workflows, to its 300+ processing channels, S6L gives you the mixing efficiency, creativity, and flexibility you need to meet the demands of any gig. And coming soon, it will offer a fully integrated live Waves SoundGrid workflow, providing even greater speed and ease.


Avid VENUE Onstage Demand Gen 1200x600

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Product Highlights

  • Do more with a single solution
  • Meet any live sound challenge
  • Present incredible-sounding mixes
  • Pump up performances with massive power
  • When it comes to mixing live sound, you have a lot of options. If performance, sound quality, reliability, and value are important factors, nothing compares to Avid VENUE | S6L. It’s the only live sound system that enables you to access and control Waves and AAX plug-ins directly from your mixing console. It’s the only system that provides 128 tracks of built-in Pro Tools recording/playback and makes Virtual Soundcheck possible, opening up new revenue-making opportunities while saving hours of prep and pre-show time. Plus, you get three years of ’round-the-clock priority care and coverage to ensure the show always goes on.
  • S6L delivers unrelenting performance and reliability through its advanced engine design and intelligent workflows to handle any live production. Its modularity makes it easy to scale a system with the console configuration, processing power, I/O, and networking options—including Ethernet AVB, Dante, and MADI—you need to accommodate any type of show. You can even share I/O across multiple networked systems, providing more workflow possibilities while cutting costs.

  • Artists and engineers alike choose Avid VENUE systems because of their amazing sound quality. Avid VENUE | S6L is no different—yet it elevates your sonic possibilities even further. Present the best sound quality possible with high-performance preamps running at high sample rates. Get incredible clarity, warmth, and presence throughout the signal path. And easily re-create the sound of the studio—live—using the same audio plug-ins and emulations of prized outboard gear used in countless recording studios.

  • Concert tours. Broadway shows. Broadcast events. Today’s stage productions are bigger and more complex than ever. That’s why we designed a groundbreaking engine for S6L—the VENUE | E6L—which combines two powerhouse technologies that work in concert together. With a state-of-the-art real-time processing engine and dedicated DSP plug-in processing, you get unrivaled processing capabilities to handle an extraordinary number of channels—without the complication or stress.