Sibelius | Cloud Publishing


Join the new generation of online music publishing

Our new Sibelius | Cloud Publishing 2.0 technology is part of our Avid Everywhere vision, and enables music publishers to connect with their customers in more powerful, efficient, collaborative, and profitable ways.

Developed by the Avid Sibelius team, this groundbreaking technology enhances the way sheet music publishers sell scores online. With a Cloud Publishing-enabled site, your customers can view, play, transpose, and purchase scores using any current Mac or Windows web browser (no plug-in required) or mobile device, including Android, iOS, and even Linux. Sibelius | Cloud Publishing replaces the Sibelius Scorch web browser plug-in experience—originally introduced in 2001 and used by numerous top publishers—and includes many new user experience enhancements.

Enhance your customer experience to increase sales

Sibelius | Cloud Publishing brings many new features to the in-store purchasing experience, as well as numerous benefits to publishers.

Easy to implement

Simply embed code to display and deliver scores through your online store pages, without requiring visitors to install a browser plug-in.

Works on any device

Customers can use a Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, or Linux and enjoy the same level of score interaction, no matter what device they use.


Customers can transpose the score to listen in different keys.

High-quality score printing

Once customers purchase music through your store, the Cloud Publishing server sends a high-quality printable version to your webstore page for customers to print; this includes the Sibelius fonts so the print out comes out perfectly crystal clear.

Complete Sibelius integration

Customers receive the full experience when a Sibelius file is used for the score; you can also publish a PDF version of a score, but the customer experience will be limited, with no playback, transposition, or changing of instruments supported, though it’s useful if you have catalogs in PDF format.


Digital Rights Management ensures that scores are secure and cannot be downloaded or printed in full without purchasing them first from your store.

Enhance the customer experience

Scores can be played in a variety of ways directly in a web browser; future upgrades to the Cloud Publishing Server playback engine and samples are instantly available to all publishers and customers.

Change instruments

Customers can change instruments in the score to hear variations of a part.

Preview and playback options

Publishers can shape the experience further, such as setting how many pages can be shown prior to a purchase and other preview and playback choices.

Retain control of your sales

All transactions occur on your own website; Avid charges a small transaction fee for each score sold, billed monthly.

How does Sibelius | Cloud Publishing work?

When a customer selects a score to view in your webstore, your store page contacts Avid’s Cloud Publishing Server, which then generates a preview of the score’s first page, whether the source is a Sibelius file or PDF, and embeds it into the store page along with several controls. This is all done using a REST API that dynamically handles your entire library of scores and returns previews and post-purchase views of each score. You can then embed these URLs into each page on your website, and the music then appears in the customers' browsers to play back, transpose, and print the music. (Please note that you will need to have a competent understanding of JavaScript and how Rest APIs work to implement Sibelius Cloud Publishing.)

Your customer can then use these controls to play the first page of music and even, if the original source score is in Sibelius file format, transpose the piece. The play command is sent to the Cloud Publishing Server, which generates the audio playback stream from the original Sibelius file (located on your own server), using high-resolution samples and the Sibelius Espressivo 2.0 engine in the cloud. Because playback doesn’t rely on samples stored locally on your customer’s computer or device or your own server, nor does it use local processing power, your customers can enjoy consistent high-quality playback.

When the customer buys the score, the Cloud Publishing Server generates a high-quality print file that uses the Sibelius fonts to ensure crystal-clear print quality. The customer will see a print preview and can use the settings page to refine the print.

Ready to make your music webstore experience the best it can be? Sibelius | Cloud Publishing is available now. If you would like more information, or if you would like to contact one of our Sibelius | Cloud Publishing team to inquire about an evaluation, please send an email with your contact details to Sibelius | Cloud Publishing.

The above score—Leonard Cohen's “Hallelujah”—is shown in the new Viewer in the latest version of Sibelius | Cloud Publishing. Click the play button to listen to the score and drag the timeline indicator to move the play line to any part of the score. You can also transpose the music into different keys—just click the note icon and choose the desired transposition.